South Carolina police arrest suspect in mall shooting

A suspect was arrested by police in connection to a shooting that occurred at a busy mall in South Carolina's capital, Saturday. The incident left 14 people hurt.

South Carolina police arrest suspect in mall shooting

W.H., Chief of Columbia Police "Skip," Holbrook stated that Jewayne M., 22, who was initially taken into custody by law enforcement as an individual of interest, is still in police custody. He will be charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm.

Price may not have an attorney to speak for him immediately.

Holbrook released a statement Saturday saying that fourteen people sustained injuries during the shooting at Columbiana Centre. Ages of the victims varied from 15 to 73.

Holbrook stated that there have been no reported fatalities, but that nine people were killed and five others sustained injuries as they tried to flee from the mall.

According to police, the victim is still receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Other victims were released from the local hospitals and will be released soon.

Holbrook stated, "We don’t believe that this was accidental." "We believe that they knew each other, and something led them to gunfire."

Investigators suspect that at least three people were carrying guns inside the mall. However, they are still trying to find out how many of them fired weapons. According to police, at least one firearm was taken.

Daniel Johnson stated that he was visiting his family from Alabama, and they were dining in the food court at the time when shots were ringing out. They then started to see people run.

Johnson stated that people were running for their spouses and children, knocking on tables in the food court and screaming as they fled.

Johnson stated, "Everybody was trying get outside." "I could see people's phones and keys, as well as baby strollers, when I came out. It was quite chaotic.

Johnson stated that he had gathered his wife and daughter, and started heading towards the exit, after clearing out the crowd.

"My greatest thing was, and this is not to sound selfish, to make sure my family was okay and get them out safely. This is not something we love to do on Easter weekend."

The police were still present in the area for hours following the shooting. However, officers allowed more traffic to the streets around the strip malls and shopping centers that are often jammed on weekends. A nearby hotel was designated as a reunification zone for victims and their families.

A few workers from two stores remained huddled in the empty lot Saturday night, waiting for police officers to allow them to go back inside to retrieve car keys and personal items so that they could leave. They claimed they didn't hear or see anything, but they followed the mall’s alert system until police evacuated them. They refused to identify themselves, citing company policies.

Columbiana Centre released a statement saying that "Today's isolated and senseless act de violence is extremely distressing" "We are grateful to the swift response and continued support from our security team, and our law enforcement partners."

This is the latest shooting in a string of shootings near or at malls all across the country.

A 15-year old boy was shot in his head Wednesday near Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal Mall. His injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. Officials stated that he was in a fight with another group of boys.

Police said that a Southern California shoe shop owner shot a 9 year old girlinadvertently while firing at two shoplifters at The Mall of Victor Valley on Tuesday.

Police said earlier this month that six people were shot and killed in Sacramento, California.

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