The Civil Guard has arrested in Valverde de Llerena (Badajoz) a 49-year-old man of Australian nationality who is claimed by the judicial authorities of that country for sexual assault of a minor continuously for three years. The events were reported in February 2021. The detainee was evading the action of Australian justice.

Before the authorship of the crimes was determined, the now detained man left his country with his son on a regular basis. It was months later when the Australian authorities were able to determine his participation in the events and begin the procedures to locate him.

The Judicial Police Technical Unit has participated in the police operation in coordination with the liaison officer of the Australian Federal Police in the United Kingdom and the Interior attaché of the Spanish embassy in that same country to finally locate this man, a former soldier belonging to a special operations group of the Australian Armed Forces, “very violent and with knowledge of martial arts, who in the past had already attacked a police officer from his country, causing serious injuries,” according to the investigation.

The fugitive lived in a house in Valverde de Llerena with his eleven-year-old son and his current partner. After the man was arrested outside her home, the woman locked herself in the house, refusing to collaborate and hand over the minor at the request of the agents. For this reason, an entry and search was requested to remove and ensure the status of the minor, and the woman was arrested for the crime of illegal detention.

In addition, and following international protocol, Interpol was required to confirm the international arrest warrant and the necessary documentation for the extradition procedure. The National Court ordered this person to be imprisoned in Badajoz, pending his definitive transfer to Australia.

Given the helplessness of the minor who lived with his father, and once the incident was reported to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, and after a consultation by the Civil Guard with the Social Services of the Government of Extremadura, the delivery of the child to his mother was determined. biological, who had moved from Australia, expressly to take care of her son. They are currently in perfect condition and already back in their country.