Spain Teodoro García Egea leaves Congress a year after the fall of Casado: "Things also change from the private world"

"Today is my last plenary session

Spain Teodoro García Egea leaves Congress a year after the fall of Casado: "Things also change from the private world"

"Today is my last plenary session. It has been an honor for me to serve Spain from the front line of the PP and from this very moment I make myself available to the Spanish people as one more militant." With these words, the former general secretary of the PP Teodoro García Egea has announced that he is leaving the act of deputy to dedicate himself only to the private sector, a year after the fall of Pablo Casado that also dragged him down.

The decision to leave Congress, advanced minutes before, precipitated the same day that he presented his book on 'Cryptoeconomics'. "I have a professional challenge outside the front line" of politics, he said, without specifying which job offer he has accepted. Of course, it will be in the technology sector, of which he is an expert. And, since he will not be able to focus "100%" on his parliamentary activity, he leaves the act of deputy for Murcia.

Egea had a conversation with the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, "to inform him" of his decision. The former leader showed him his intention to "focus on his professional activity" completely because he is not "a man who can do things by halves." "It was a very cordial conversation" in which they talked about "the different current issues," he said.

The former number two of Casado left his position in February 2022, after the crisis that broke out due to the confrontation of the national leadership with Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Both he and Casado ended up falling and now the new dome has barely left a trace of their legacy. Egea was Casado's mastermind in the 2018 primaries and since then has become his right hand, generating quite a few enemies on the PP's territorial map due to the way in which he controlled the organic distribution of power.

And now, do you completely rule out a return to politics in the future? "Life is very long," said García Egea, and political activity "is not a marathon, but a relay race" in which you have to be available when the team needs you. In other words, it does not rule it out at all.

The deputy García Egea entered 6,700 euros, since to his position as a deputy he added the presidency of the Road Safety Commission. It is not a flashy position by any means. His last meeting was on November 30 and there were no other forecasts, as EL MUNDO reported on February 26.

This is not an impediment, however, for the members of his Board to receive the bonus that is stipulated in the Economic Regime of the Chamber and that, in the case of García Egea, is the highest due to his status as president. Thus it reached 6,700 euros.

"I focus 100% on my professional activity from teaching and research; I will serve from the private world, Spain can be served and things can also be changed there", has developed the former number two of Pablo Casado.

The Murcian politician is a Telecommunications Engineer and a doctor from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. His research activity has focused on brain signal processing, control, automation and wireless networks. In the PP he is considered an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

"I have worked for the interest of Spain and now I am opening a new phase," said García Egea, who was moved to thank his wife for being by his side these years, "which have been very hard." "You have to choose in life and I choose to focus on my professional activity," she insisted before the media.

At the end of his press conference, Egea went to the Chamber, where the photographers immortalized him for the last time and he gave them a copy of his book. On the way out, he has met Santiago Abascal and has chatted with him.

In his environment they assure that he only has "good words" for the new team. And they add that he has "many proposals" for work. "He had to take that weight off his shoulders," they added.

And he did it just the day he presented his book. "A bit of marketing", the sources have ironized.

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