Spirit Representative hospitalized, passengers Detained after Luggage dispute

The team became combative after representatives inquired about how big the carry-ons.

Spirit Representative hospitalized, passengers Detained after Luggage dispute

Spirit Airlines told ABC News that the band became combative following the representatives asked the passengers to confirm that their carry-on luggage fulfilled the airline's luggage size requirements.

"The representatives tried to peacefully defuse the circumstance," Spirit stated in an announcement,"but had been physically attacked by these passengers since they shut a door to prevent them from boarding the aircraft"

The airline confirmed among those representatives needed to be hauled to the hospital.

"All of us wish that the agents that a quick recovery and thank them for their professionalism and courage," the announcement continued.

Spirit said people involved from the"assault" were detained by law enforcement.

"This violent behaviour is totally unacceptable and has no place in airports or another area of business," Spirit stated.

The incident comes less than a week following the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared it will start handing down stricter punishments to unruly airline passengers with no warning, such as"penalties of around $35,000 and imprisonment."

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson signed the arrangement Wednesday directing the agency to choose a"zero-tolerance coverage" in passenger instances following the bureau saw a"troubling increase in events" of passengers interrupting flights using"threatening or abusive behaviour."

"We can always make it a much longer time interval," Dickson told Breaking News.

The bureau said it's"initiated over 1,300 enforcement activities against unruly passengers" over the previous ten years,"such as recent cases for allegedly interfering with and assaulting flight attendants that educated them to wear masks"

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