Spray. Cinema Le Roc: After 70 years, the managers handover

"The Roc is a family tale.

Spray. Cinema Le Roc: After 70 years, the managers handover

"The Roc is a family tale. We are thrilled to have chosen another family as the new owners of the cinema. They are passionate as well. They are also open-minded and welcoming to the public. Pascale Lamic rejoices that Le Roc with them will be well-maintained."

Franck Dubois says that he met Pascale in 1994 when he was running the Puy Saint-Vincent cinema. Claudine and he got a funny call one year ago: "They told us to stop, they would like you to take the cinema back." We were shocked.

Franck and Claudine left Brittany's cinema to start Embrun.

The two couples will collaborate during June so that the newcomers can make their mark.

Moviegoers need not worry: Le Roc will continue to be a mainstream cinema as well as an art house. Film sessions and debates can still be organized by associations. Previews with Champagne and Jurassic Park are being planned for the revival.

This summer, snack movies will be offered to children. 45-minute sessions at 4 p.m. with short films and snacks.

Franck laughs when Franck announces another change: a new popcorn supplier.

It's a page that changes. Since 1970, the Lamic family has been showing films in Embrun. Pascale Lamic, Pascale's mother, points out that there is not too much nostalgia. "We are going on a sabbatical and will finally be able to enjoy our evenings, weekends, and weekends. We will then return to new adventures.

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