Stuhr Museum prepares for busy Memorial Day weekend

The staff at Stuhr Museum is preparingexcited, for a busy weekend both in the Stuhr building and in Railroad Town during the holiday season.

Stuhr Museum prepares for busy Memorial Day weekend

The weekend starts with Railroad Town's usual daily activities on Friday before leading into a series of special events. The performance tells the story of the longest lasting, most successful African American settlement at the sandhills of Cherry County.

On Sunday from the Stuhr construction museum visitors will have the ability to experience a new exhibit called"New in Town" that tells the stories of people arriving to Hall County in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s.

"We are a Hall County museum, even though our reach is wider than this, but another issue is we can tell the narrative with all the true things," Mike Bockoven, the Marketing Director of Stuhr Museum, stated. The exhibit is complete with artifacts, items and pictures in Hall County during this period of time, offering people a feeling of what they would've seen, experienced, or socialized with.

On Monday visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy among Stuhr's most famous events when they go outside for Memorial Day. The event didn't take place last year, leading to a heightened level of enthusiasm this year.

"This will probably be nice to get that parade to the rural Peninsula, it will be really nice to have the ceremonies and it will be really wonderful to perform Memorial Day again," Bockoven said. "We simply can't wait for people to return."

You may find out more about everything happening on the Stuhr Museum website.

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