Survey : Many in Germany sleep badly

Around 40 percent of adults in Germany say they sleep badly.

Survey : Many in Germany sleep badly

Around 40 percent of adults in Germany say they sleep badly. This is the result of a new representative study by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency.

10 percent said they "didn't sleep well at all" and 30 percent said they "didn't sleep well". In contrast, 45 percent said they slept "rather well" and 13 percent said they slept "very well." The rest didn't specify. Of the male respondents, 62 percent said their sleep was "rather good/very good", while the figure for women was 55 percent.

While a total of 7 percent "never" have trouble falling asleep or staying up late at night, 20 percent said it happened to them "often," and 14 percent said it "very often." 24 percent named sleep problems "rarely", 33 percent have them "sometimes". The rest didn't specify. 40 percent of women have "frequently" or "very often" sleep problems, compared to only 28 percent of men.

Many don't think too much of the everyday rhythm in Germany with the good reputation of getting up early and working through.

Majority in Germany longs for an afternoon nap

More than half of the adults in Germany would like to take a nap in the middle of the day more often. When asked "Would you like to take an afternoon nap (more often)?" 18 percent answered "very gladly" and 37 percent "likely". On the other hand, 15 percent said they "didn't want it at all" and 26 percent said they "rather not" wanted it. The rest didn't specify.

There are more nap fans in the east (60 percent) than in the west (54 percent). In addition, the longing for an afternoon nap is slightly greater in women than in men. One in five would like to have it "very much" more often, for men this was 15 percent.

Overall, however, the tendency is the same for women and men: If you add up the answers from those who "very much" and "like to" would like to sleep more often in the afternoon, you get 55 percent for men and 54 percent for women.

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