Technology. Apple: 11 things you need to know about iOS 16 for the iPhone (and iPad).

Apple unveils this week to developers - but in real life to the entire world, the new features promised by iOS 16, its operating system.

Technology. Apple: 11 things you need to know about iOS 16 for the iPhone (and iPad).

Apple unveils this week to developers - but in real life to the entire world, the new features promised by iOS 16, its operating system. It will equip the new iPhone 14 (expected in fall), as well as most of the other smartphones from the brand (up until iPhone 7). Detail review.

It's called a "revolution" at Apple! Apple is forced to adapt what works in other countries, as it faces ever-growing competition. The iPhone's lock screen can now integrate widgets such alarm, weather, fitness data... and any other information (upcoming delivery, carpooling request etc.) ).

Another long-awaited update: It is now possible to modify the time display, its appearance, and the font used. Apple pays great attention to the aesthetics of the final product, as usual.

The main subject may be visible in front, but the background can remain behind. This will allow you to see whether the rendering is possible with any image or with only the Apple wallpapers.

It is possible to modify or delete messages in many messaging apps (Whatsapp, etc.). A message that has been sent, but not received by the recipient, can be altered or deleted. It's only allowed to be sent with Apple's "Messages", and not as a text message (in green background) on iPhone.

Another "revolution", which is likely to avoid untimely sending errors at the margin, often humorous but not always...

Android features include what Apple has promised for fall: The "Mail" app's search function should increase the relevancy of the results. Analyzing the contents of messages as well as attachments, links and contacts. Mail promises to remind you, just like Gmail, to reply to an email that you may have forgotten, to schedule delivery or to notify of missing attachments.

The iOS 16 "Live Text", which uses "artificial intelligence", will instantly translate text from images into any language.

iOS 16 claims that video can be extended. But it's really about doing it...on pause. Also, it is possible to do this with a still image.

You can also convert currency units or units of measure directly from the feature.

Although the function is playful, it's still very impressive. Apple's latest version of "Visual Search", allows you to select a portion of an image, such as the subject, and "detach it" from the background.

This allows you to separate the subject from its background and drag it into another application such as a message.

iOS 16's new CarPlay feature offers an entirely new ecosystem for automobiles, capable of replacing all embedded software in cars. It is also multiscreen.

The presentation was a hit with the audience. CarPlay interfaces with your vehicle's audio system and allows you to adjust the temperature, manage fuel levels, and even integrate weather information. It is possible to control your car's temperature, display and manage the fuel level or oil levels directly from your iPhone.

This new "revolution", however, assumes first that the cars produced are in perfect harmony. It is safe to assume that it will not be of benefit to the elderly.

Numerama's colleagues said that many manufacturers refused to comment on the matter, with some others being skeptical like BMW. "Currently, our focus is on improving our iDrive interface, and as part of this development we will continue to integrate Apple’s ecosystem. We will evaluate how the new innovations will be implemented. It's still not ready, in other words.

Volvo assures that future Volvo vehicles will be compatible with the latest generation of CarPlay "... and can also use the competition with Android Automotive!

Apple was already seeing itself with iOS 13, its 2019 version of CarPlay... Aside from close collaboration with car manufacturers, the complete experience seems impossible to achieve.

A customizable screen that is more dynamic, scalable, and always on. The beta version has already been tested by developers. They claim that Apple will integrate iOS 16 with its own version "Always On Display" that Samsung and Android users know.

The screen will show selected information, such as the alarm time and the time. The background is black so that it doesn't consume too much. Due to excessive consumption, the function was removed from iPhone 13 Pro. Apple could have solved the problem by using OLED panels with OLED panels to reduce the refresh rate in sleep mode. These panels only consume energy for the pixels that are lit.

Apple knows that the ever-increasing number of features can be intrusive. It is possible to limit the impact of Apple's more intuitive and powerful "Focus” functionality. This is possible even on the locked screen which displays a limited number of alerts and information.

Everyone can decide if they need to be notified in real-time about the weather or the arrival of an e-mail.

iOS 16 beta (test) is available to developers.

The public beta will launch in July. The commercial version will be available for the iPhone 14 and any future versions (mini, Pro, Max ...), fall). It will be available on future iPads.

Except for iPhone 14, all devices should be able update iOS to version 16. Apple claims that all iPhones and iPads from version 7 to 16 are affected, as well as all iPads and iPad Mini 5s and iPad Air 3s and iPad Mini 5.

Below is the complete list of compatible smartphones: iPhone 14 Max. iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 13 Mini. iPhone 13 Pro. iPhone 13 Pro Max. iPhone 13 Pro Max. iPhone 12 Mini. iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max. iPhone SE 2020. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR. iPhone X. iPhone XS. iPhone XS. iPhone XR. iPhone X. iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus.

For iPad: iPad Pro 2022, iPad Pro 2021, iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2016 ), iPad Pro 1015 inch (2016 ), iPad Pro 11 inch (2018 ), iPad Air 3, iPad Air 4, iPad Air 5 (2022) , iPad 6, iPad 7, iPad 8, iPad 9, iPad Mini 5, iPad Mini 6.

The older, less powerful versions will likely operate slower with a power-hungry system.

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