Television program. These former candidates are 'Top Chefs' and they cook in your neighborhood

The semifinals of "Top Chef" season 13 will air on Wednesday, June 8, at 9:10 PM on M6.

Television program. These former candidates are 'Top Chefs' and they cook in your neighborhood

The semifinals of "Top Chef" season 13 will air on Wednesday, June 8, at 9:10 PM on M6. We invite you to revisit candidates from previous seasons while we wait to see who will be eliminated from Louise, Sebastien, or Arnaud at the gates of final. Ever dreamed of eating a meal prepared by one of these chefs? You're not alone if you have ever dreamed of trying a plate prepared by one of these chefs. We've selected eight. This list is by no means complete!

We don't even remember Romain Tischenko. He was a candidate for season 1. In the final, he beat Pierre Auge to become the first winner of Top Chef. After spending more than 10 years in Paris at 'Galopin and 'La Cave a Michel', the discreet 30-year-old is now thriving in his restaurant concept at home. With the RaDe, he is now established in Burgundy. He was appointed director of Dijon's "Gastronomic Village", but he also establishes ephemeral establishments, such as the collaboration with the Chanzy house, Puligny-Montrachet, in the summer 2021, reports Le Bien Public. His kitchen ? His kitchen was always focused on the terroir, the best products and his plate of cuttlefish and burrata.

Apart from Samuel Albert, the winner of the edition, Florian Barbarot (an ex-student of the Grenoble cookery school (Isere), and Merouan Bounekraf (author of this fantastic reply to Helene Darroze, '' Merouan is that Breton? '', "Better beurton than Breton!" Season 10 of the culinary contest was won by Anissa Boulesteix. She was previously the deputy chef at 3-4 and 5 star restaurants belonging to the Alp'Azur Group, including ''Les Airelles'' (Savoie), and ''Pan Dei Palais'' (Saint-Tropez) ( Var). Her role has changed and she is now the executive chefs of the company that owns these palaces. What's on the menu? For 72 hours, enjoy sunny dishes such as aubergine and candied vegetable with piquillo chili coulis, or shoulder of lamb with candied Marjoram.

He is the only candidate who has achieved a double. Xavier Koening (19 years old) won season 6 on 'Top Chef' just a few months after winning Philippe Etchebest’s 'Objectif Top Chef'. The Alsatian, along with Fiona, opened "L'incontournable" in Colmar five years later. The chef doesn't mention his name on the storefront. He prefers to focus on his recipes such as his confit oxtail with new onion, haulm oil jus and his black curried egg, carrots, and black curry, or his dessert that combines fondant celery and espresso cream.

Franck Pelux, a native Autun in Saone-et-Loire has managed the restaurant ''La Table" at the Lausanne Palace since 2020 with Sarah Benahmed. Bourguignon and Dromoise were awarded a Michelin star for their hard work in 2021. He was a finalist in season 8. He had lost against JeremieIzarn- the chef who had previously taken over Strasbourg's institution Au Crocodile and gave it back a Michelin Star, recalls Journal de Saone-et-Loire. We find inspirations from Asian and Mediterranean origins in his dishes.

The 27-year old Iserois, who was part Philippe Etchebest’s brigade won season 8 in the M6 culinary contest. He had his cap on his head. Since then, he has been the chef at ''La Tour des sens,'' in Tencin in the Belledonne mountain massif. In 2019, he was awarded a Michelin star, which was lost in 2021. His efforts have not been recovered since. Le Dauphine Libere says that this innovative and bold cook will continue to challenge the rules of gastronomy with or without the distinction from the red chef. He offers duck foie gras with its runny heart, duck and leek tartlets, along with an apple and honey hibiscus juice and sweet and sour duck liquid with honey. Or a Brillat Savarin IGP with CBD cream, hemp flowers, and twisted with kumquat.

Cyrille Zen (32), was the finalist in season 3. He was also the first Michelin-starred candidate to take part in the competition. Faced with Jean Imbert, who is now in charge at the Plaza Athenee's Plaza Athenee, the Auvergnat, now in his 40s, had to bow. He decided to leave his Michelin-starred restaurant, ''La Bergerie de Sarpoil' in the summer 2018 and give up his macaron. He has been living in Montpeyroux since 2014, just 20 km from Clermont-Ferrand. There he works in the kitchen at his second restaurant, the 'Bistrot Zen'. His menu changes frequently. You can order the zucchini carpaccio (fresh goat cheese with herbs, roasted hazelnuts), the pork belly, seasonal vegetables, and spiced juice, or the chocolate and raspberry fingers. He has been a chef at Sacre Coeur Hotel School in Saint-Chely-d'Apcher, Lozere since 2020.

Season 3 cast of Top Chef. It's a real treasure trove! Jean Imbert, Cyrille Zen, Norbert Tairayre, Juan Arbelaez and even Florent Pietravalle wore the famous apron in that year. Originating from Avignon in France, the thirty-year-old chef was awarded a Michelin star at the piano of La Mirande in 2019, five stars in the City of the Popes. He was also given a green star in January 2021 to recognize his responsible and sustainable approach to cooking. You can find caviar mixed with horseradish yogurt and beef garum at his table. Also, there are citrus fruits, carrots, and squash, as well as strawberries marinated with elderberry vinegar and aged in wine barrels.

Season 13 of 'Top Chef' will be broadcast at 9:10 on Wednesday, June 8, from M6.

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