Television Who is Berta Collado, the new guest of Pasapalabra

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Television Who is Berta Collado, the new guest of Pasapalabra

With a 17.5% screen share and 1,629,000 viewers on Tuesday afternoon, Antena 3 continues to boast Pasapalabra's audience. The battles of the contestants in the final test of El Rosco, like the one between Moisés and Fer for a jackpot that already reaches 850,000 euros, partly explain the success of the program. However, no one doubts that another attraction of the contest is the carousel of celebrities who parade around the set. Now, for September 13, 14 and 15, those in charge of helping the participants are Fernando Gil, Ana Morgade, Jaime Nava and Berta Collado. Let's get to know this latest guest a little better.

Born in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) 44 years ago and raised in Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres), Berta Collado is a journalist who has found her habitat as a reporter, commentator and television presenter.

After studying Journalism at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, Collado took his first steps in front of the camera in a video game program. Later, he moved on to sports (Maracaná 06, on Cuatro) and later, in 2007, his golden opportunity came when he became part of the successful program Sé lo que didis... (La Sexta). She spent four years as a reporter sharing a studio with Patricia Conde, Ángel Martin, Miki Nadal, Dani Mateo, Pilar Rubio and Cristina Pedroche.

Berta Collado is one of Zapeando's most beloved collaborators. With a long career in the media, as a reporter, commentator and presenter, she promises to bring her energy to the contestants.

Since then he has taken part in different projects for several national chains. On public television she was a collaborator on Amigas y Conocida (La 1), replacing Inés Ballester as host in the summer, or on Lo Siguiente; on Antena 3, she co-presented Incredibles: the great challenge with Carlos Sobera; In Cuatro, she was a collaborator of the magazine Cuatro al día... In total, her resume shows around twenty jobs on the small screen.

Currently, Berta Collado is a regular face on Zapeando, La Sexta's after-dinner comedy program presented by Dani Mateo along with a group of collaborators. Without a doubt, a format that has something of that SLQH with which the Extremaduran journalist made her professional debut.

Collado has also done radio (Kiss FM Mornings, La Lieutenant Urgel) and has posed in magazines, with his almost naked appearance on the February 2009 FHM cover being especially popular.

She has even made her first steps as an actress, with small roles in series such as Between the Lines, Gym Tony or as host of the show The Hole.