Television Who is Fernando Gil, the new guest of Pasapalabra

New faces appear on Pasapalabra

Television Who is Fernando Gil, the new guest of Pasapalabra

New faces appear on Pasapalabra. The successful Antena 3 contest features four new celebrities on September 13, 14 and 15. Four guests who will use their knowledge to help the contestants and their good humor to delight the viewers. Berta Collado, Ana Morgade and Jaime Nava already know the experience of participating in the show of letters, while Fernando Gil is the only one who is making his debut in this stage of the program presented by Roberto Leal. A good opportunity to learn some details about this multifaceted actor.

Fernando Gil was born in Madrid 48 years ago. He studied Sociology for three years, but realized that acting was his thing. "I entered the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art and left it, although it has been very useful for my work as an actor. The whole theory of Gestalt, of groups, of pack leaders... came in very handy for me. knowing how to work later in a company," the actor recalled in this interview with EL MUNDO.

In 1997 Gil made his film debut with a role in Final Results, a film by Juan Antonio Bardem. Shortly after and while he was still training at RESAD, he was recruited by the Madrid comedy theater company Yllana.

Already in 2002, he tried his luck on television with a character that appeared in 31 episodes of the series Hospital Central. At that time he was also immersed in the stage, being part of the National Dramatic Center and representing characters from Lope de Vega or Zorrilla in the Classical Theater.

It was in the theater where the Madrid actor achieved a turning point in his career. His role in the comedy Monty Pythons Flying Circus by the famous British group earned him a contract as a reporter for Noche Hache (Cuatro). Although he continued with his projection on the stage, his time on that program also helped him establish himself on the small screen.

Fernando Gil has demonstrated his talent in different registers in series and films such as: Cuéntame como paso (2006), Muchachada Nui (2007/08), La Tira (2008/09), Spanish Movie (2009), La que se cerca (2009 ), The Prince (2014), The Barber Shop (2017), or Father There Is No More Than One (2019).

Special mention deserves the regal bearing that gives him his more than 1.90 meter height. Perhaps that is why he has been offered to play kings as different as Henry VIII, whom he brought to life at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; Felipe VI, whom she embodied in that cult gem that was Felipe and Letizia (2010), the Telecinco TV-movie; to Juan Carlos I, in the Telecinco miniseries El Rey (2013) or to Prince Myshkin from The Idiot.

More recently, Fernando Gil found success again with Machos Alfa (Netflix), where he plays one of the protagonists, Pedro Aguilar. In fact, during his time on Pasapalabra the actor will talk about the second season of the series, as well as his role in the film Summer Vacation.