Television Who is Irene Villa, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Antena 3 has a winning team in the afternoons from Monday to Friday and Pasapalabra as its flagship

Television Who is Irene Villa, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Antena 3 has a winning team in the afternoons from Monday to Friday and Pasapalabra as its flagship. It dominates the time slot before the news without serious competition on Telecinco, La Sexta or TVE.

This Tuesday, the Sevillian presenter Roberto Leal added more than 2 million viewers and a 19.3% screen share to his contest. In total 4.3 million unique viewers. It was the second most watched program of the season.

Starting this Wednesday, the contest has new guests. Joining the program on this occasion: Irene Villa, Desiré Cordero and Pablo Carbonell.

Irene Villa (Madrid, 1978) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, Humanities and Psychology.

When he was only twelve years old, the terrorist group ETA put a bomb in the car of his mother, then an official in the General Directorate of the Police, and both suffered several amputations.

She currently works as a writer, opinion journalist in print and radio, lecturer and transmitter of values ​​in institutes.

Throughout these years he has received several awards and recognitions such as the Children of Europe Award from Lady Di (London, 1992), the Silver Garbanzo 2000 for his courage and courage, the National Educational Values ​​Award Colegio Mayor San Pablo 2002 , the Silver Microphone for his book Saber que se puede in 2005, the Isabel Ferrer Award 2007, the Grand Cross for Humanitarian Merit and the Miguel Ángel Blanco Foundation Award for Coexistence in 2008.

"I no longer give an opinion on political issues, because I came away scalded. I am one of those daughters of democracy who has left and right in her family, like almost everyone. It is normal. For me that confrontation was over, but suddenly. .. At first it made me sad, now it makes me ashamed. Do we really have to dig up some, bury others...? Let's look ahead. If it has already been difficult for those of us who have suffered barbarism to turn the page, Let's let those who have saved it be able to look forward," Villa highlighted in an interview for PAPEL of

In 2007 he also joined the Fundación Also adapted alpine ski competition team. In these years she has won several championships, she was silver in Slalom and Gold in Giant in 2021.

Villa has written seven books, his last publication was titled Los eightmiles de la vida (2020). In this book he draws on his experiences to talk about resistance, authenticity and forgiveness.

Orestes Barbero, who had Spain in suspense with the biggest duel in a contest in the history of Spanish television in that mythical Pasapalabra donut that Rafa Castaño won, is incorporating the contest of the afternoons of La 1 presented by Rodrigo Vázquez.

He thus joins Erundino Alonso, Paz Herrera, Ruth de Andrés and Lilit Manukyan to reinforce the team of hunters that faces anonymous contestants. His first intervention as a hunter will be this Thursday, October 19.