Television Who is Jero, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Pasapalabra premieres this Wednesday new guests for this week

Television Who is Jero, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Pasapalabra premieres this Wednesday new guests for this week.

On this occasion, the athlete and actor Jero García arrives on the set led by Roberto Leal. He shares the program with Paco Pastor, La Mari de Chambao and Nerea Garmendia.

His face may be familiar to many viewers if they were also followers of the Hermano Mayor de Cuatro program. The man from Madrid replaced Pedro García Aguado in the last two seasons.

Jero García has been a Spanish boxing, kick boxing and full contact champion. After a few difficult years as a youth, sport made him change environments and during this time he has become a benchmark in the field of boxing in Spain.

"My motivation is to help them because they helped me when I was young," the actor highlighted during a meeting with readers about his participation in the Mediaset program.

"I am from the eighties neighborhood, where people lived on the street. My neighborhood was Tercio Terol, also known as Tercio Terror. There were two large shanty towns. Our bond was with friends and not with electronic devices," he added.

García has also been a supporting actor with a greater or lesser role in series such as There is no one alive here, Journalists, La fuga or Cuéntame cómo pasó. In cinema, he also stands out for his participation in the films A golpes and El crack cero.

"Boxing is the closest thing to the primary character of the human being. Everything that is in boxing can be metaphorized to life. The values ​​that you acquire in a boxing school you will always have. Thanks to boxing, I am a person, I'm not a character... But boxing hasn't saved me from anything; what saved me from something (from some disease, from some madness) were my values. My parents," the guest star of Pasapalabra also highlighted.

In his last participation in the Pasapalabra program in 2022, Roberto Leal asked Jero García about the documentary film Somos únicxs, las caras del bullying, produced by Atresmedia with the presenter Helena Resano, in which elite athletes such as Carolina Marín or Paralympic swimmer Susana Rodríguez.

The documentary exposes several cases of bullying with the aim of giving visibility to this "infected scourge". Jero García also explained that one in four children suffers bullying when they go to school every day. "Making a comparison with their sport, bullying is in one corner of the ring and we are in the other. We are going to win this fight," García added.

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