Television Who is Jorge Blanco, new guest of Pasapalabra

New consignment of guests on the set of Pasapalabra

Television Who is Jorge Blanco, new guest of Pasapalabra

New consignment of guests on the set of Pasapalabra. Four celebrities willing to help the contestants of the popular Antena 3 program with their knowledge, reflexes and good humor. On this occasion, the presenter Roberto Leal welcomed Jorge Luengo, Xènia Tostado, Thaïs Blume and Jorge Blanco. Let's get to know the latter a little better.

His impressive 1.95 meters tall and 96 kilos of fiber and muscle are the best letter of introduction for this man from Zaragoza born in 1982. However, what surprises the most about Jorge Banco is his client portfolio: Robert Pattinson, Meghan Markle, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky or Pablo Motos... His job consists of traveling the length and breadth of the planet to train celebrities at home, pushing them beyond their limits so that they can later show off their abs.

His story could not be told without martial arts. At the age of four he began to do judo, years later he was crowned kickboxing champion of Spain and became part of the Olympic boxing team. Parallel to the mandobles that he gave, Blanco graduated in Law and found work at the Spanish consulate in Toronto (Canada).

Jorge Blanco explained in this interview with EL MUNDO how in Canadian lands his life went from being focused on legal issues to focusing on gyms: "During my first years in Toronto, I combined my work as a lawyer with my training until a One day I met a hockey player from the Canadian NHL (National Hockey League) in my gym, who asked me to teach him how to wrestle. He was another 'animal' like me and he freaked out. He told a teammate and he, in turn, to another colleague".

Almost from one day to the next, the Spanish coach began receiving calls from elite athletes and professional wrestlers, eager to place themselves under his orders. He thus began traveling piecework from his headquarters in Canada to train his clients. And then actors, singers and celebrities of all kinds also arrived. His fame had reached international stature.

He has not yet accepted any of the offers he has received to debut as an actor, although he recently participated in El Desafío, an Antena 3 contest in which celebrities are tested with impossible challenges. Although Jorge Blanco showed some of his spectacular physical conditions, such as lasting 4 minutes and 13 seconds submerged in the water in the apnea test. However, the Aragonese finished the program as seventh classified.

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