Television Who is Teresa Baca, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Antena 3 is guaranteed success in the afternoons from Monday to Friday and Pasapalabra as its star program

Television Who is Teresa Baca, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Antena 3 is guaranteed success in the afternoons from Monday to Friday and Pasapalabra as its star program. It dominates the time slot before the news without serious competition on other DTT channels.

Since this Monday, the Sevillian presenter Roberto Leal has new guests: Teresa Baca, Raúl Peña and Jorge Lucas, among others.

Teresa Baca Astolfi studied Journalism at the CEU in Madrid - her vocation since she was a child -, she completed a master's degree at the Business Institute and another in television and radio. She began collaborating on TVE, and then went to La Sexta, Canal Sur and Informativos Telecinco, where she now works as a freelancer from Andalusia.

At home they bought fashion magazines, but she never thought about being a model. At the age of 16, at a charity show, she was seen by a scout who traveled the world discovering models. "He came several times to eat with my mother to convince her."

He began parading with Victorio

Teresa Baca has worked for Versace Jeans, Dolce

Thanks to her parents, Teresa, "who has always dedicated herself to taking care of us and to whom we owe everything", and Guillermo, who died in August 2021. "I need to be with them, because where I feel good and safe is with my family, my friends and in my land".

He made a pact with his parents: not to stop studying while working in fashion. "And I thank her. It would have been easy to leave her, the fashionable girl, traveling, from New York to Milan to Hong Kong... But she had the dream of being a journalist."

In values, "loyalty and generosity stand out, and as a Catholic I try to be a better person every day. I am not ashamed to say it and I am very proud to be so, while being tolerant of other people and religions." And she defines herself as "passionate, dreamy and persevering; if I want something, I won't stop until I get it."

On a personal level, the Sevillian model Teresa Baca married Álvaro Torres Calderón in 2023, founding partner of YouFirst Sports, a company through which she works, among other athletes, with footballers from large Spanish and international teams, although closely linked with Real Madrid for family reasons. He is also general director of the company worldwide, working for example with names such as Ona Carbonell or Alexia Putellas

On the other hand, Teresa Baca also organized a caravan to help refugees from the Ukrainian war.

"I had to do something. The day the war started, I interviewed Father Dmytro, from the Ukrainian Church in Seville, for Canal Sur. I spoke with them, they told me things, they hugged me, they cried. My heart broke. I heard that "Some friends were looking for buses to take medicine, food and clothing and return with refugees. And I joined the group," he recalled.

The team was made up of Arístides Bermejo, Concha Álvarez-Ossorio, and another friend, Alejandra, whose grandmother a Ukrainian woman, Alina, had been taking care of in Seville. They wanted to bring their family and everyone they could.

They located refugees with family in Seville, with the help of the Alalá Foundation. In total they traveled more than 45 hours, traveling almost 15,000 kilometers, six days without sleeping or showering except for one day in Krakow.