Television Who is Torito, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Today is October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day

Television Who is Torito, the new guest of Pasapalabra

Today is October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day. But it is also Halloween, a holiday that has been imposed on the calendar and that today is already mostly celebrated in homes, businesses and even on television. This Tuesday, Pasapalabra puts aside the current duel between contestants Óscar Díaz and Moisés Laguardia, who are fighting for a jackpot that exceeds one million euros, to make way for a special Halloween program.

As is usually the case when the Antena 3 program celebrates a special program, former participants and charismatic guests will parade around the Antena 3 set. In fact, Roberto Leal is the only one who remains intact.

One of the few surprises that have been revealed is that two former contestants, Marta Terrasa and Marta Garriga, return to Pasapalabra for one day to compete for a prize of 50,000 euros.

Four celebrities will accompany the Martas. They are Esther Arroyo, Cristina Rodríguez, David Civera and Torito. Let's get to know this latest guest a little better.

His name is Quique Jiménez, although everyone knows him as Torito. His face and manner in front of the cameras are well known to viewers, since he is one of the most popular reporters on national television.

His story has a history, since his artistic career was interrupted by the show. And, born in the Citadel of Menorca 46 years ago, Jiménez has a degree in Fine Arts and a master's degree in Museology and cultural heritage management.

At only 19 years old, he was the winner of the prestigious Sant Antoni - Sa Nostra Prize for Painting of Menorca and later he would also obtain the first prize for Painting Sant Antoni Diario Menorca. His paintings have been exhibited in different exhibitions, highlighting El marathon de Menorca, where all of his works were his.

His first jobs were as a propsman, that is, taking charge of sets for advertising and cinema. In fact, his professional turning point came in 2002 on a set. Torito was dressing the set to record a television commercial, when he decided to appear at a casting that was taking place next door.

The selection of candidates was for the program Vitamina N on City TV (later 8TV) and it was being broadcast live. Torito was the winner and the prize was a one-year contract to work on the program.

Already in 2004, he was recruited as a reporter for TNT, a program presented by Jordi González. It was his real springboard. His freshness and shamelessness with the microphone in hand, his dreadlocks and his outlandish clothing were his personal hallmark.

Since then, he has not stopped appearing in a wide variety of national programs: Sálvese who can; Sábado Deluxe; La Noria; Drive me crazy; I will resist, okay?; Open your eyes and look; What a happy time!; Live life; The Great Confusion, Big Brother Debate and GHVIP... The list of shows where she has worked is extensive.

Torito is currently a contributor to Zapeando, in La Sexta, where he has his own section to review the most notable news and headlines of the heart.

He has also had time to make his first steps as an actor, with small roles in the series Exposados ​​(IB3), Gym Tony (Cuatro) and more recently Por H o ​​por B (SkyShowtime).

Beyond the small screen, Quique Jiménez has a long career as an editor, writing reports in publications such as Interviú, QMD or, especially, Primera Línea, where he conducted interviews with naked characters.

In 2017, the reporter presented Ácido', an autobiographical book - with a prologue by María Teresa Campos - full of anecdotes, in which Quique Jiménez undresses, in contrast to his television alter ego. In his work, characters like Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán, Malú or Melendi ask questions that the author answers.

On a personal level, Torito married her boyfriend, Raúl Jiménez, in 2011, with whom she had a son in 2016 through surrogacy.