Tennis. Nadal is on his way to the 14th Roland Garros?

3:35 p.

Tennis. Nadal is on his way to the 14th Roland Garros?

3:35 p.m . Nadal gets a new break

Ruud is anxious and makes unforced mistakes, particularly in his forehand. The Taurus of Manacor regains the lead (3-1).

3:28 p.m . : Ruud unbreaks immediately

Nadal is having trouble with his serve, and the Norwegian allows him to return to contact (2-1)

15h22: Break Nadal

Ruud saves an important break point before being penalized by the Spaniard's cross-forehand passing. This breaks away from the beginning of the first set (2-0).

3:17 p.m.: Nadal game

The Spaniard attacked the Norwegian on the backhand, and the Spaniard took the lead with a game of 40-15.


Or Rafael Nadal's time on the court over the past fortnight. He hadn't had to work so hard in his life to reach the final of "his tournament".

3:12 p.m.: Let's go!

Rafael Nadal is available for your assistance...

3:09 p.m.: Warm-up

Open roof will be the setting for the meeting between the Norwegian 23-year-old and his Spanish idol. Although it is only 20 degrees Celsius in Paris, it isn't raining at the moment.

3:03 p.m . : Two players enter the Philippe Chatrier court

World No. 8, the Norwegian Casper Ruud. He enters first for his first Grand Slam final. He is followed closely by the master of his place.

It's time...

2:38 p.m . Mladenovic and Garcia win doubles

2:26 p.m . : A historical moment

Rafael Nadal will have the chance to win Roland-Garros this Sunday for the 14th consecutive time in his professional career. This would be his 22nd Grand Slam title.

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Strive for glory

2:15 p.m . : Welcome to the live stream for the French Open men's final...