Texas for heavy snow Because US temperatures continue plunging

Dallas could see plowable snow and blizzard conditions

Texas for heavy snow Because US temperatures continue plunging

The weather pattern over the upcoming few days will deliver wintry weather to most of the country, such as Texas, where heavy snow, blizzard conditions along with also the coldest air in years are about to spread across the Southern Plains.

The Arctic airmass that has shrunk southward will bring wind chills down to -40 to -55 degrees for the Northern Plains.

Those dangerous wind chills will expand as far south as Oklahoma, where it's forecast to sense as cold as -10 degrees Saturday.

Meanwhile, the storm track bringing several winter systems across the country will dip into the Southern Plains, across the Mississippi Valley and deliver the heaviest snow they have had in years.

South of the Arctic front, showers and thunderstorms will be possible by a few of those potentially turning intense.

On Saturday, a surge of moisture which travels via freezing temperatures will once more be a focus on freezing rain and ice hockey to get parts of the Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio valleys.

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