Texas introduces a new law allowing handguns to be carried

Gordon Taylor is as straight-sighted as the semi-automatics that he sells at Black Gold Guns and Ammo when it comes to "people and firearms".

Texas introduces a new law allowing handguns to be carried

"I don’t think there will be Wild West shootouts. Taylor stated that Taylor believes there will be more respect.

Taylor is referring to a new era in Texas self-defense that was inaugurated by the legislative approval of "Constitutional Carry." This law, which goes into effect September 1, allows any sound-minded Texan who has not been convicted of a felony to carry a firearm in public places.

Taylor claims that the impending Texas expansion of gun rights has not prompted a new run on guns, contrary to what some might believe.

Taylor stated, "There has not been a mad rush since September 1st is coming."

He is most concerned about the state of public education on this new right or its lack. Because there are many places Texans can't "carry", such as schools, polling places and courts, government meetings, bars or prisons, hospitals, nursing home, professional sporting events, amusement parks, and other public places.

Taylor stated, "People must know this or you will have a lot of good people in serious trouble."

Taylor says that even though it is no longer necessary to obtain a "carry license", he strongly recommends it - for training, for reciprocity with other states and for interactions with law enforcement.

Taylor said, "To let them know they have looked you over very carefully," referring to background checks required for license holders.

Despite all that, many people believe that Texans will regret the day when restrictions were lifted.

Ann Johnson, a former prosecutor and State Representative, says there is a reason why many police agencies oppose permit-less carry.

"There is nothing wrong with taking responsibility for your actions and being trained, but that's exactly what this bill does. Johnson stated that when we see an increase in violent crime, we are giving more guns to people we don't want them to have."

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