The cat's hump is burned: "The sun doesn't shine out of the A..."

Every sunburn is known to be one too many.

The cat's hump is burned: "The sun doesn't shine out of the A..."

Every sunburn is known to be one too many. However, nobody seems to have said that to Daniela Katzenberger. So now she has to live with the red and certainly painful consequences. Only her bottom has been spared thanks to bikini panties.

Daniela Katzenberger is to be envied. After all, she has set up her domicile in Mallorca. And while the weather in this country has been quite changeable in the past few days, the cat on Malle is already fed up with the sun.

But life in southern climes does not always have to be an advantage. The 35-year-old can now sing a song about it after apparently overdoing it with sunbathing. The consequences can be seen in a photo the cat uploaded to one of her recent Instagram posts.

You can see a rear view of Daniela Katzenberger in the bathroom mirror. Her blond hair is tousled and pinned up, her gaze is narrowed, she is holding her cell phone in her hand, which she used to take the picture. The reason for the TV star's depressed mood is the first thing that catches your eye: Katzenberger's back is almost as bright red as her nail polish. She's definitely gotten a real sunburn.

It can be assumed that the mishap not only draws attention to itself in terms of color, but should also be somewhat painful. But Katzenberger wouldn't be Katzenberger if she didn't take it with her typical humor. So she writes about the recording: "No … I definitely don't see the sun shining out of my ass." She also adds the hashtags "tummy sleepers" and "Mallorca".

Only one spot on the back of her body has probably been spared from the sunburn: her bottom. This becomes clear because Katzenberger has slipped her tight, pink bikini panties down a bit. Where it used to sit, the cat's skin is still almost snow-white.

Even if the mishap seems funny, it is of course not a joke. It is a well-known fact that the risk of skin cancer increases with every sunburn. Always apply lotion is therefore the motto. Hopefully Daniela Katzenberger will also take this to heart in the future.

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