The Dauphine is for children. Sport world tour

Asia, particularly Japan, China, Korea and Korea gave the world martial arts.

The Dauphine is for children. Sport world tour

Asia, particularly Japan, China, Korea and Korea gave the world martial arts. This is a way to fight warriors and was inseparable form wisdom.

Judo is the art of using force to make the enemy lose. This can be done by shifting the center of gravity. The progression of knowledge on the tatamis is measured in "dan", which are the grades. Master Kawaishi thought up the colored belts to help his French students.

American football's grand finale, the Super Bowl thrills audiences across the United States and Canada. The eleven players attempt to move the oval ball 10 by 10 yards (roughly 9.14m) with their unbreakable helmets and padded jerseys. Two lines of seven rivals face off before they rush against each other in a "melee".

Are you familiar with "sepak Taraw", a Southeast Asian practice (Thailand Indonesia, Malaysian, Singapore, Laos)

The ball weighs in at 200g and is made from rattan, a type of woven palm tree. Each team's three players compete to win the ball by passing it above a net. However, arms and hands are not allowed.

Capoeira is a Brazilian sport that began as a street fight. Two capoerists confront one another like acrobats, who dance and attempt to reach each others in circular movements and projections. All this to faster and faster music.

Sumo is a tradition of Japanese wrestling that has been linked to religious practices. The two "sumotoris", who are face to face, stand in a 3.66-m diameter circle of earth. They wear a bun and cover their lower abdomens with a belt.

They are a powerhouse, weighing in at least 130kg! They are explosively fast and pounce on one another.

They are the canoes of the American Indians, and the kayaks of the Inuit of Greenland or Canada that gave rise to daring and athletic water sports. Polynesia (Bora Bora) is a place of great celebration.

Telemark in northern Norway was the location of the first ski and ski jumping competitions. These were held on snows that didn't have the Scandinavian altitude. We call them cross-country skiing and nordic skiing.

Alpine skiing has taken off on the steep slopes in the mountains of Western Europe. It is a technical sport that involves descending at dizzying speeds and slaloms with tighter poles.

(c) rue Des enfants, "Around The World of Sports" / Jean Durry and Thomas Tessier.

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