The fainting in the full full of a contestant to your vera


To your vera, the musical ‘Talent Show’ that Emits Castilla-La Manica Media, lived an unusual situation in its delivery of Saturday February 5.
The program ended before the expected after fainting live from one of the contestants.

Sandrina had to sing Triniá, a classic of the Copla with which he played his passage to the final in front of Jonathan.
At a certain moment of the challenge the singer forgot the lyrics of the song, so she was visibly nervous.
“Can I start again? Please, I know it whole! Can I repeat it?” She asked her.

The participant continued to sing and, when his opponent was about to continue, he ended up fainting on stage.
She came to help her and generated a situation of great chaos on the set.
The cameras of the format did not show exactly everything that happened next, but cries were heard between the public.

Apparently, Sandrina’s mother screamed from the stands and suffered a nervous breakdown to see her daughter like that.
The contestant recovered seconds after collapsed and she said to reassure her progenitor: “Mom, mom, I’m fine! My mother, please, my mother!”

Alicia Sennovilla, driver of your vera, appeared on the screen after a few moments of confusion and great stir: “We are a bit surprised. Sandrina has felt … I think nerves have played a bad pass.”

The presenter announced that the program was over: “We left and we are waiting for you next Saturday at 10 o’clock at night. I believe that nerves are not good companions.”
The spectators stayed without knowing the name of the last finalist of the edition, which will be announced on February 12th.

Your Vera published a statement on Twitter after his precipitated farewell: “After what happened at the end of today, we want to send a message of tranquility and communicate that Sandrina is well. Next week we will keep you informed and we will know the
Development of the final challenge. ”

Alicia Sennovilla commented on its Instagram: “Perhaps the end of the gala was … unpredictable and, if you allow me, sad. A bad time for our contestant and her mom and a scare for all the team team,
Beyond retransmit those delicate moments decided to finish the gala and say goodbye until next week. ”
The presenter affirmed that “everything remained in a scare.”

Sennovilla went on Monday, February 7, being with you, Magicín de Castilla-La Middle Mancha where they talked about what happened in the semifinal of your vera.
The presenter explained: “We were all a little discolved … it was created a little chaos.”
In addition, she admitted that there is usually a lot of tension among the relatives of the contestants.

Magdalena Romero, a finalist of a previous edition of Tu Vera, questioned on with you the fainting of Sandrina.
The collaborator indicated that many people were doing on social networks.

A user shared on Instagram a photomontage of the contestant and wrote: “It is my new preferred contemporary tonner. Of the best I have seen on television in my years of life.”

Many tweeters commented what happened between laughter.
“The way he faints and revives the second to shout ‘mom, I’m fine’ is the scene that Hollywood will want to copy,” shared one.
“Goya 2022 is this,” said another.


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