The Gulf Of Mexico was On Fire

An underwater pipeline gas leak caused the ocean to erupt.

The Gulf Of Mexico was On Fire

A problem is created when an underwater gas pipeline ruptures. The Gulf of Mexico is a case in point. It's literally water that has caught fire, and it's been extinguished.

The raging fire kicked off west of the Yucatan Peninsula on Friday, Reuters reported.|Reuters reported that the fire broke out on Friday west of the Yucatan Peninsula.} Pemex, the state oil company, claimed that there was an underwater gas leak. It said that it took five hours for the fire to be extinguished completely.

Manuel Lopez San Martin shared videos of the situation. They show a raging fire eye that looks more like boiling lava than water.

Pemex is currently investigating the incident but has not yet confirmed the cause. This isn't the first instance of something like this under Pemex's supervision. This has led to massive oil spillages, deadly explosions and tanker fires that have resulted in the death of hundreds of people since the late 1970s. It has also been accused of numerous human rights violations. The company has a long history in which it denies unionization and punishes those who try to unionize. This isn't surprising considering it's a corrupt company at its core.

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