"The Lion's Den": Judith Williams bites herself

A lioness doesn't give up! Despite two setbacks, Judith Williams won't give up.

"The Lion's Den": Judith Williams bites herself

A lioness doesn't give up! Despite two setbacks, Judith Williams won't give up. The beauty queen definitely wants to clench her fists in the "Lion's Den". Shortly before the end of the day, the pronounced perseverance is finally rewarded.

If you want to aim high in life, no dream should be too big for you at a young age. Tech inventor Ines Wöckl from Graz was already striving for a great career as a child. Growing up in America, the career goal was quickly set: "As a child, I wanted to be the first American president," says the Austrian. It wasn't quite enough for a "The White House" lease. But that doesn't really bother Alexander Rech's busy partner anymore. Together with her professional and life partner, the Graz native is now pursuing another dream: "We want to make e-mobility on the streets even safer," reveals the founder of "Flasher".

Self-developed, patented safety bracelets that flash when you move your arm should help. It quickly becomes clear: the two Austrians have something very special with them. The bracelet set is not cheap at 189 euros. But the founders have really thought of everything. Indicator function, brake light, night mode: "I'm really flashed!" Admits Judith Williams.

The growing interest quickly leads to a bidding war between investors. Suddenly the lions are pitching for the founders. In the end, all investors sit in the bidding boat. Ralf Dümmel and Carsten Maschmeyer finally get the contract. Loud cheering resounds through the lion's den. "That was one of the strongest pitches I've ever experienced here," says Ralf Dümmel happily.

For two lions in the group who have just been knocked down, there should also be a reason to celebrate a little later. After the unsuccessful performance of snack expert Moritz Röschl from Weil der Stadt ("NAGOS"), it is initially Nils Glagau who is allowed to clench his fists. Together with Ayurveda fan and organic globetrotter Lara Schäffer from Cologne ("GURU Granola"), intensive granola "flavor explosions" are to be sent on a journey in the future. In the final bidding battle between Nils and Judith, the bearded man ultimately came out on top: "I felt a very similar spirit," explains the founder of her decision.

Despite two setbacks, Judith Williams won't give up. You can literally see it in her blazing eyes that she doesn't want to go home today without a deal. There is still a chance. Before the pitch of the two "Easy Mirror" founders Simon and Oliver Rödder from Buxtehude, which is not yet fully developed, the sales professionals Dominic Blank and Michael Land from Berlin introduce themselves to the pack of lions. They have the "educational model of the future" with them, an online training program lasting several weeks for career changers that "guarantees" new career opportunities ("Hyrise Academy").

Judith Williams, who herself switched from the artist branch to the sales area many years ago, is immediately hooked: "Your topic inspires me completely," the beauty queen rejoices. Together with Carsten Maschmeyer, the lioness starts a single offer offensive, which after an exciting first round of negotiations turns into a double offensive.

Suddenly the founders are confronted with a rich combination offer that they can no longer resist. Finally Judith Williams can breathe deeply. After a tough start, the format evening ends with a happy ending. Giving up is not just an option on the pitch stage, but also in the investors' lounge. Judith Williams proved it: If you don't let go, you will be rewarded in the end.

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