"The Lion's Den": The "Comeback" of Georg Kofler

After last week's wave of frustration, all eyes are on social media guru Georg Kofler.

"The Lion's Den": The "Comeback" of Georg Kofler

After last week's wave of frustration, all eyes are on social media guru Georg Kofler. How does the investor find his way back into the format track? After five exciting start-up appearances, one thing is certain: such a mini scandal does not upset the South Tyrolean.

Delicious homemade Asian food is actually nothing new. However, 30-year-old Pim Ampikitpanich from Stuttgart is convinced that her cooking box ("KONKRUA"), which is available in nine different flavors, makes all the difference. And indeed, "the real taste of Thailand" provides various "shock in love" moments in the lion's den.

The two lionesses Dagmar Wöhrl and Judith Williams are at the forefront in the race for the coveted bamboo bag cooking box. But Georg Kofler, who was still furiously stomping out of the studio last week, is also certain that he could soon "quintuple" the sales figures for the small "KONKRUA" company. After a short round of negotiations, the founder's inner turmoil is written all over her face. Then Georg Kofler can be happy. Instead of accepting the combined offer from the two investors, the "KONKRUA" boss decides to work with the social media fox from South Tyrol.

With the first deal of the evening in the bag and the frustration of the past week put aside, Georg Kofler is up to speed again two commercial blocks later. After a motley playroom party, during which Regale king Ralf Dümmel revealed himself as a fan of pluggable children's room architecture ("Imagine Playhouse"), as well as an impressive CBD cosmetics pitch ("This Place"), in which those present However, when founders and investors cannot agree on a suitable deal constellation, Georg Kofler takes his colleague Carsten Maschmeyer aside.

A small, squeezable drinking bottle triggered the lively exchange among veteran colleagues. "Keego", which is the name of the first "innovation on the athlete's drinking bottle market for over 50 years", is a lot ahead of the conventional plastic drinking bottle thanks to a titanium coating: "The bottle not only lasts much longer, it is also odourless, anti -bacterial and dirt-repellent", say the founders Lukas Angst and Bernd Deussen from Vienna.

The two lions are quickly in the picture and very interested. However, 380,000 euros for twelve percent of the company shares is quite a house number. "There are two of us, and I don't do it under ten percent," Carsten Maschmeyer clarifies. However, the 25.1 percent proposed by the lions is "too far" for the founders. Finally, you meet at twenty percent of the company shares. This is how Georg Kofler secures his second deal. He "has to" share this with his "partner" Carsten Maschmeyer. But that doesn't change the good mood in the lion's den: "We're going to make it really big!" Georg Kofler cheers the equally enthusiastic founders.

To celebrate the day, a cool blonde would be just in time. Seconds later, Messrs Jonas Bräuer, Jonas Möslein and Erik Lachmann from Leipzig are ready. "We are real contract grillers," sound the three Saxons. The "Grillaxed" founders want to really take off with the "world's first delivery service for barbecue fun". For the lions present, the cargo bike plus cooling trailer model is not mature enough.

The three denim hot pants wearers with the license to party calmly accept the investment basket. With their smoke and spark-free metal box grill, the founders see themselves on the right track even without the help of the lions. No beer for Georg and no deal for the "Grillaxed" gang: it just wasn't supposed to be. The frustration and disappointment are limited: "Of course it's a pity, but we'll just keep going. It's just taking a little longer now," said the founders in parting.

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