The Newest: Israeli Authorities Telephone curfew on Lod Later clashes

The Newest: Israeli Authorities Telephone curfew on Lod Later clashes

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Newest on confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians since Israel indicates a widening military effort:

JERUSALEM --Israeli authorities are imposing a night curfew on a central city which was the scene of unrest in recent days.

Authorities said in a statement on Wednesday that officials would impose the ban on individuals going into the town of Lod, residents leaving their houses, and individuals in public spaces beginning at 8 p.m.

Israeli police declared a state of emergency in town and deployed Border Police forces.


The protesters on Wednesday accumulated at Belgrade's Republic Square to draw public attention to the battle that has soared following weeks of violence at Jerusalem.

The hottest Mideast fighting is suspended in a lengthy dispute over contested Jerusalem. Following Hamas rained rockets within Israel on Monday, the battle abruptly faded and increasingly looks like the 2014 Gaza war.


Wednesday's announcement was the first time Hamas confessed that the death of militants within this round of fighting Israel.

The armed wing of Hamas said Issa was murdered"along with some of his fellow brothers of leaders and sacred fighters" throughout the fighting that's been going on for 2 weeks in Gaza.

Israel's internal security agency stated a series of airstrikes had murdered Issa and a lot of other senior Hamas militants, including the mind of aircraft production and cyber warfare, the mind of rocket creation, as well as the Hamas engineering leader.

Issa and a lot of different commanders accountable for different areas of the Gaza Strip shaped Hamas' military council, the maximum body choosing the team's militant operations. The army council is led by Mohammed Deif.


LONDON -- Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he would like to find that an"urgent de-escalation of tensions" between Israel and Hamas amid the very acute outbreak of violence because the 2014 Gaza war.

Johnson tweeted Wednesday the United Kingdom has been"deeply worried" and encouraged leaders to"step back from the verge."

He had been among several leaders around the globe offering up guidance after longtime anxieties in contested Jerusalem erupted into rocket-fire in the Gaza Strip and an extreme reaction from Israel.

British Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly told Parliament that Britain"unequivocally condemns the shooting of rockets in Jerusalem and other places in Israel." He predicted Hamas' behavior"terrorism" and called on militants to"finish their incitement and rocket fire from Israel."

Cleverly said Israel has a"legitimate right to self indulgent," but added that in doing this,"it is crucial that all activities are proportionate, in accord with international humanitarian law and make every attempt to avoid civilian casualties."


JERUSALEM -- Israel's firefighting service states it's nearly entirely extinguished a blaze in a oil facility in southern Israel which was set alight with a rocket fired by Hamas militants.

The rocket landed Tuesday night near a Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures Ltd. centre south of Ashkelon throughout a Significant barrage by Gaza militants. The end result was a large fire at a storage tank which blazed throughout the night and into Wednesday.

Israeli state-owned Oil and Energy Infrastructures stated that the gas was moved to a different storage facility.

On Wednesday, the plume of smoke was rising over Ashkelon. Israeli health and environment officials have educated residents of the region to prevent extended periods outside.


JERUSALEM -- Israel's president says that the country's Arab leaders have been"giving support to terrorism and rioting" by remaining silent about an epidemic unrest in mixed communities.

Reuven Rivlin said on Wednesday that the"excitement of the Arab leadership" over violence in combined Jewish-Arab communities figures to"supporting the rupture of their society" amid the severe outbreak of violence because the 2014 Gaza war.

Rivlin says Israel"should pursue the rioters with a firm hand (to) restore security as well as all people, even while combating terrorism from Gaza without compromise"

The unrest that started at the Al-Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem has spread throughout Israel itself.

From the Israeli town of Lod, a 52-year-old Arab Israeli along with his 16-year-old daughter had been killed early Wednesday when a rocket landed in the courtyard of the one-story home.

Lod also watched heavy clashes after tens of thousands of mourners joined a funeral for an Arab guy who had been murdered the night, the defendant that a Jewish gunman. Israeli press reported that the audience fought with authorities, and specify a synagogue and a few 30 vehicles on fire.


The military released an announcement on Wednesday, stating that it carried a"complicated and first-of-its-kind operation." Those concentrated, '' it said, were"a crucial portion of their Hamas'General Staff''' and believed near the head of this group's military wing.

Hamas had no opinion.


JERUSALEM -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will use"an iron fist if desired" to prevent widespread protests from Arab taxpayers that have led to accidents, arrests, and property damage.

The fighting is suspended in a lengthy dispute over contested Jerusalem. Following Hamas rained rockets within Israel on Monday, the battle abruptly faded and increasingly looks like the 2014 Gaza war.

Netayahu states Israel will"prevent the anarchy and reestablish governance into the towns of Israel, using a iron fist if necessary, together with forces required and all authorities needed."


Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht on Wednesday declared the rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, stating Germany is standing"firmly across the side of Israel." She predicted for the strikes on Israel to cease, adding that Israel has the right to protect itself"

She explained a spate of Israeli flag-burning along with other acts at one time of"agony" to get Israel reveals"nothing but dreadful disrespect for human dignity."

German news agency dpa reported that authorities ceased 13 suspects late Tuesday from the western town of Muenster near a synagogue following a Israeli flag was burnt there.

Police stated that at the western town of Bonn, many people ruined the entry of a synagogue with rocks. Investigators discovered a burnt flag there too. And in neighboring Duesseldorf, a person burned garbage in addition to a memorial for a former synagogue. The justice ministry pledged that"the perpetrators have to be held and found responsible and Jewish associations have to be guarded thoroughly."


ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that the global community must"provide Israel a robust and deterrent lesson" within its behavior toward the Palestinians.

That is based on the Turkish Presidential Communications Directorate, which stated the two leaders spoke by telephone on Wednesday concerning the escalating confrontation triggered by anxiety over contested Jerusalem.

The announcement said Erdogan emphasized the requirement for"the global community to provide Israel a robust and deterrent lesson" and pressed for the U.N. Security Council to quickly intervene with"clear and determined messages" into Israel. The announcement said Erdogan indicated to Putin an global protection force to protect the Palestinians ought to be considered.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people in Istanbul defied a nationally coronavirus curfew late on Tuesday to demonstrate against Israel's strikes. A huge convoy of cars drove toward the Israeli Consulate, waving literary and Turkish flags. A picture of the Turkish flags was projected on the Israeli construction.


Prime Minister Imran Khan chose to Twitter, stating:"We stand together with Gaza and Palestine."

Protesters are expected to maintain a tiny anti-Israel rally after today from the southern city of Karachi.


It states almost 300 Palestinians from the land have been hurt in the strikes.

The head of Israel's crisis support also says one individual was killed and one severely wounded by an anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip.


JERUSALEM -- The head of Israel's emergency support says one person was killed and one severely wounded by an anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli press reported that the attack. The assault came after a night of lethal offenses of rocket fire between Israel and Palestinians. It had been a surprising escalation of months of anxiety with origins in disputed Jerusalem.

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