The News of Time (N°6)

We are in 1938

The News of Time (N°6)

We are in 1938. Oris then imagined the first version of the Big Crown Pointer Date, a reference intended for aviators. An object designed as a functional tool with an oversized, fluted crown - in order to adjust it easily, especially when flying with gloves - and an unusual complication used for the first time: a date indicated by a central hand " Pointer" red.

Produced without interruption since its creation by the independent house of Hölstein, the model has survived the Second World War, the advent of quartz and the many trends that followed to become a signature and a strong symbol of the renaissance of 'Oris in 1980, after the quartz crisis. Watchmaking designs come and go, but that of the Big Crown Pointer Date endures and grows stronger through its simplicity and elegance. More than a watch, a legend in the spotlight from March 1 to 31 in the Parisian setting of the Bucherer store in Paris. The brand will exhibit a selection of historical pieces from 1986 to the present day from the Oris museum located in Hölstein. Bucherer, 12 Boulevard des Capucines, 75009 Paris.

La Vallée, a shopping center that emerged ex-nihilo in June 2001 from a vacant lot near the Euro Disney park, is a place that rivals in attendance with Versailles or the Eiffel Tower, to the point of having integrated in a good position the classification of the most frequented cultural and leisure sites in Ile-de-France. Millions of people pass through the wrought iron gates of La Vallée Village each year, a set of factory outlets specializing three-quarters in luxury.

The ideal place for the company specializing in collectible watches Watchfinder

Gone is the stress for each collector of bringing their collector's watch out into the open to make room for the pleasure of wearing their piece in complete peace of mind. This could be the mantra of the young Watch Cover company. The latter became interested, through the experience of its passionate watchmaking founders and discussions with other enthusiasts, in an evil which, in addition to theft, inhabits lovers of beautiful cogs: that of wearing their watches without fear. to alter the aesthetics. The result ? The design and creation after more than a year of research and development of a protective film that is 100% invisible to the naked eye. A cutting-edge innovation made of flexible urethane - a material used in particular in the automotive and aeronautical industries - and with a thickness of 150 microns (or a resistance of 40 kilograms per square centimeter) applied all around the watch. Last but not least, the protective film developed by Watch Cover is entirely adaptable to the specific needs and desires of the user. The latter can thus, and on request, decide to protect certain parts of his watch that are more exposed than others before having the entire part covered. Watch Cover, 14 bis rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris.