Thuringia: 1.3 million letters sent with information about the corona vaccination

Erfurt (dpa/th) - Around 1.

Thuringia: 1.3 million letters sent with information about the corona vaccination

Erfurt (dpa/th) - Around 1.3 million letters with information about the corona vaccination were sent to Thuringian households in May. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health on request. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a little more than 500 initial vaccinations were administered in Bavaria from the beginning to the end of May. The spokeswoman did not provide any information on the costs of the campaign: Deutsche Post had not yet settled the bill.

"The aim of the direct mail is to keep people aware of the topic of corona vaccination - even if the incidence of infection has decreased at the moment," explained the spokeswoman. Also with a view to the coming autumn and winter, vaccination is the most important preventive measure to contain the pandemic. The country also maintains a basic network of vaccination points.

The information sheet was created in the spring. Among other things, due to delivery problems with envelopes, there were some delays, the spokeswoman said. The aim was to keep the writing as timeless as possible. There is now more up-to-date data, such as a new safety report from the Paul Ehrlich Institute on side effects of vaccinations. "However, this does not change the basic statement of the data." The new safety report was published on May 4th - the report from December 2021 noted on the letter was therefore up to date at that time.

The information sheet contains a number of figures and data on the corona vaccination and its side effects. The risk of a serious side effect after a vaccination is estimated at 0.02 percent. It also lists several short fact checks and other sources of information.

Thuringia is one of the federal states with the lowest corona vaccination rate. According to the RKI, 70.7 percent of people in Bavaria have been vaccinated against Corona at least once. The value is only lower in Brandenburg and Saxony.

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