Erfurt (dpa/th) – The Higher Administrative Court in Thuringia has rejected the complaints raised by nine students in an urgent procedure due to the cancellation of lessons. The eighth graders of a grammar school saw their right to education violated by the loss of school hours due to a lack of teachers, the court said on Tuesday evening. The pupils feared disadvantages for the acquisition of a special qualification because of the absence, especially in the subjects taught bilingually French. They therefore wanted to oblige the Free State to secure the lessons according to the unabridged timetable.

The administrative court in Weimar had rejected the urgent application. The appeal raised against it was rejected by the Higher Administrative Court. The students had not claimed any entitlement to syllabus lessons, it was said to justify. The court has no doubt “that the school administration is making every effort to cover the planned lessons as much as possible”. The criticized class failure is essentially due to a shortage of teachers in Thuringia and nationwide, it said. The responsible 4th Senate explained in its justification that the required “personnel capacities” for compliance with the scheduled lessons are currently not available. This order can not be contested.