Every year again: The negotiations on the budget for the coming year are in the hot phase – and are stuck. Social associations again warn of uncertainties in the financing of projects. You already know that, because it wouldn’t be the first budget delay.

Erfurt (dpa/th) – The Thuringia Parity Welfare Association has warned of delays in adopting a budget for 2023. “The state budget must not become a stalemate again,” said state manager Stefan Werner of the German Press Agency. The budget for 2023 urgently needs to be decided quickly. He appealed that the budget “should not again be given over to party tactics”. It is important that the parliamentary groups involved come together quickly so that the budget can be decided.

The parliamentary groups of the Left, SPD and Greens are currently negotiating a budget for the coming year with the CDU parliamentary group and the FDP group. According to previous plans, there should be a decision in the December session of Parliament – in just over two weeks. However, the negotiations have come to a standstill and the date is now considered uncertain.

Werner pointed out the difficulties that would arise, especially with new projects. “Basically, this is suboptimal for the planning security of many member organizations under the umbrella of parity and a real problem,” he said. Projects could also start in the event of a late budget. However, if the approval comes late, you do not know at the beginning what the conditions are. “If no household comes, the carriers start the new year again with uncertainties and imponderables.” In addition, it is difficult to fill positions for projects that have not yet been approved. The budget for the current year had already been decided with a delay of months.

Red-Red-Green does not have its own majority in the state parliament. The CDU parliamentary group, which in the past provided the missing votes for the adoption of budgets, recently canceled several negotiation appointments and is calling for improvements to the budget draft.

Katja Glybowskaja, executive board member at Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) Thüringen, also warned against a late adoption of the budget. “Our appeal is to offer planning security for the next year at an early stage,” she said. Continuity is an important basis for the people who seek advice and help in the facilities. Being late is always a difficult situation. As an example, she cited advice centers for consumer bankruptcy.