On this weekend, “we expect (…) many trips to take advantage of a long weekend” of the feast of the Assumption on August 15, indicated the public service of road information, which has predicted “very difficult” traffic in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and on the Mediterranean Arc.

“The peak of traffic jams was reached at 12:00 p.m. at the national level with 917 km of traffic jams” and “the peak of traffic jams was reached at 11:50 a.m. on the Mediterranean Arc with 303 km of traffic jams”, indicated Bison Futé.

Saturday is classified as red nationally and black over the northern part of the western Mediterranean in the direction of departures.

In the direction of returns, the affluence is classified red for the whole territory.

The main traffic difficulties are on the A9, A75, A7 and A61 motorways between 60 and 90 km of traffic jams, underlined the traffic forecast of Bison Futé.

“In this context of heavy traffic, motorists are advised to avoid driving on Saturday and to postpone their journey to Sunday,” recommended the public service.

Traffic will be less dense for the rest of the weekend, with a “green” Sunday in both directions, except in the southeastern quarter of the country.

A peak of more than 1,000 km of traffic jams had been accumulated at midday on Saturday of the second crossover weekend of the summer (August 6), a day classified red for departures at national level and black in a broad southeast quarter.

For its part, the Blablacar platform is expecting its biggest weekend of summer attendance on its entire bus and carpooling network, with nearly 300,000 travelers expected.

The SNCF, for its part, expects 1.3 million passengers on board its trains between Friday and Monday on long-distance journeys (TGV, Ouigo, Intercité) and a quarter of its trains are full for the whole week. -end, a third just for the day of Saturday. The weekend of August 15 should be the second busiest weekend of the summer in terms of passengers.