'Transracial' Rachel Dolezal whines that she Can Not get a job

She said she's been turned down from casino and maid tasks

'Transracial' Rachel Dolezal whines that she Can Not get a job

Infamous race-faker Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who had been outed for pretending to be black in 2015, still insists she is African American and whined in a recent interview she has been unable to procure a new job for six years.

Dolezal, 43, who goes by the name Nkechi Amare Diallo, sat down for a discussion on the"Tamron Hall" show to whine about how she wants people could see her for who she is rather than"what" she's.

"I began with applying for all of the things I was qualified for and after interviews and getting turned down, I applied to jobs that didn't even require levels, being a maid in a hotel, working at a casino," Dolezal told the former"Today" host at the meeting, which aired on YouTube Monday.

"I was not able to find any of these jobs ," she lamented.

While employers didn't outright tell Dolezal the culture vulture scandal was the reason for her rejections, she said it is hard for them to look past the"false" information available on Google and Wikipedia.

"The only place my true story lives is in my novel," Dolezal said, waving a copy of her widely lambasted memoir,"In Full Color"

"I think that people, you know, aren't going to go seek out my book if they are just looking for an employee, so it's been tough for sure, but I have not given up"

Dolezal, who identifies as"transracial" -- someone who identifies with a specific race if their biology is different -- said she's been braiding hair, writing grants, painting and performing "pep talks" on Cameo to make ends meet.

The mother of three and former NAACP leader also doubled down her perceived black individuality, saying she is"always recognized racially as individual" but she has found"more of a house in black culture and the black community."

"And that has not changed," Dolezal continued.

"I am still the exact same man I had been in May of 2015, I am still doing the job, I am still pressing forward, but it has been really tough for certain."

In 2015, Dolezal, who taught Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, was outed as a race faker following a local news reporter unearthed photographs of her as a child and talked for her parents, who had been unequivocally Caucasian.

She had been ousted from her tasks and widely criticized because of her dishonesty.