Trump and his allies are sued by Capitol Police officers

U.S. Capitol Police officers that were attacked and beaten in the Capitol riot filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump and his allies, as well as members of far-right extremist organizations, Thursday. They claim they sent a violent mob to disrupt congressional certification on Jan. 6.

Trump and his allies are sued by Capitol Police officers

In a federal court case in Washington, Trump is accused of working with white supremacists and violent extremist groups and campaign supporters to violate Ku Klux Klan Act and commit domestic terrorism in an illegal effort to remain in power.

The Lawyers' Committee of Civil Rights Under Law filed the suit on behalf the seven officers. It names Roger Stone, Trump's ally, and the Trump campaign as well as Roger Stone, the ex-president, and the members of the Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers extremist groups who were present at Capitol Hill and Washington on Jan. 6.

In recent months, two similar cases were filed by Democratic members in Congress. These suits claim that Trump and his associates caused the violence at the Capitol, which injured dozens of officers and stopped the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral victory. It also sent lawmakers running for the safety of their lives, as rioters stormed into American democracy with bats, poles, and other weapons.

The House committee is now working diligently to investigate the events of that day. They sent requests Wednesday for documents from intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The National Archive was their largest request for information regarding Trump and his former teams.

Trump claimed that the committee had violated "long-standing legal principle of privilege", but his team did not immediately comment on Thursday's lawsuit.

Trump stated that executive privilege would be protected, not only for my Administration and the Patriots who were working beside me but also for the Office of President of the United States, and the future of our Nation.

The suit names several defendants who were charged with federal crimes in connection to the riot. They are accused of conspiring to use intimidation and threats to stop Joe Biden from becoming president and Kamala Harris being elected to Congress to count the electoral votes and prevent the Capitol Police fulfilling their legal duties.

This filing gives vivid descriptions of the injuries sustained by officers while trying to stop the mob. Jason DeRoche was one of the officers who was hit with batteries. He was also sprayed with bear spray and mace until his eyes swelled shut. According to the suit, a second officer, Governor Latson was inside the Senate chamber. The rioters broke through the door and beat him while shouting racial slurs.

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