TSA officer saves baby who stops breathing at the airport

NEWARK, N.J. -- A New Jersey security guard jumped over conveyor belt rollers to save a 2-month old boy who had stopped breathing at a Newark Liberty International Airport security checkpoint.

TSA officer saves baby who stops breathing at the airport

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration released the footage on Thursday. It shows Cecilia Morales, a TSA officer, rushing to help the child after she picked him up from her car and noticed that he was not breathing.

Morales, an EMT, has been a TSA Officer for approximately two months. She told the agency that she did the infant Heimlich maneuver. This involves placing the baby on her arm and patting his back to get him breathing.

She said it was the first time she performed the procedure on an infant. The baby was given oxygen by a pediatric EMT shortly after. TSA spokesperson stated that the agency doesn't know why the baby stopped breathing.

Morales stated that he saw the video "afterward." It was the first time that I saw myself in action saving lives. It was amazing to see. It was like my experience and training had taken over.

Thomas Carter, TSA's Federal Safety Director for New Jersey, stated in a statement that "Two Months on the Job and she's literally an life-saver." "Officer Morales' quick response and swift actions ensured that this family had a happy holiday season. Her actions were inspirational."

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