TV event on June 3rd: RTL publishes the final high diving list

At the weekend, the big "RTL high diving" is on the agenda.

TV event on June 3rd: RTL publishes the final high diving list

At the weekend, the big "RTL high diving" is on the agenda. After the broadcaster published the first names from its list of candidates in April, the remaining tower jumpers have now been determined. This is where moderators meet reality stars and sports professionals.

It's been seven years since the TV event "TV total Turmsprung", which was initiated by Stefan Raab and has been running successfully since 2004, was discontinued. In February of this year it became known that the success story would continue, albeit no longer with Raab's former home broadcaster ProSieben, but with RTL.

Next weekend it's time. On Friday (June 3) at 8.15 p.m. (afterwards also available on RTL) the "RTL high diving" starts, and after the first candidate names were revealed in April, the complete list of prominent participants is now known. A total of 20 celebrities will compete in individual and synchronized jumping after weeks of intensive training in the swimming and jumping hall of the Europasportpark in Berlin.

"Naked fear meets bare skin" is the motto of this special TV evening, where the viewer can watch from the comfort of the sofa as more or less sporty celebrities plunge into the water of the pool. These include - as already known - jungle king Filip Pavlović, reality star Elena Miras, "Prince Charming" Nicolas Puschmann, the "Bachelors" Paul Janke and Dominik Stuckmann, presenter Lola Weippert, former long-distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt, former gymnast Philipp Boy, the singers Marc Terenzi and Jay Khan as well as "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" star Felix von Jascheroff.

Newcomers are Jascheroff's GZSZ colleague Felix van Deventer, Paralympics star Mathias Mester, Youtuber and Twitch star Jens "Knossi" Knossalla, ex-"Bachelor" candidate and jungle camper Linda Nobat, sports climber Moritz Hans, Lola Weippert's sister Charlotte, Gymnast Stefanie Edelmann, the RTL presenters Bella Lesnik and Angela Finger-Erben and "Let's Dance" winner Pascal Hens.

Side by side and as synchronously as possible, the teams Janke and Stuckmann, Hans and Edelmann, Knossi and Mester, Terenzi and Khan, van Deventer and von Jascheroff, the Weippert sisters as well as Lesnik and Finger-Erben.

Actually, ex-soccer player and jungle camper Thorsten Legat should also be there at "RTL high diving", but a training injury got in the way. The 53-year-old suffered a testicle tear while jumping from the 3-meter board. He will therefore only be there as a spectator to support his colleagues. Transgender youtuber Jolina Mennen takes his place.

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