Two Black Hawk helicopters collided near a Utah ski resort.

Two helicopters were involved in a training exercise and crashed close to a Utah ski resort, according to the Utah National Guard on Tuesday. 

Two Black Hawk helicopters collided near a Utah ski resort.

Crew members weren't seriously hurt.

The accident occurred at around 9:30 am near the Snowbird Ski Resort and Mineral Basin. The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were about to land in an approved landing area when a blade of one of them appeared to hit the other, Chief Warrant Officer 5, Jared Jones stated during a Tuesday afternoon press conference. According to CBS affiliate , KUTV.

Although it is unclear what caused the crash the Utah National Guard stated in a statement that all training flights had been cancelled "until further notice to examine safety protocols and regulations."

Major Matthew Green, 2nd GSAB commander, stated in the statement that "We are grateful that nobody was seriously injured due to the quick response and training of both command captains." "Our top priority right now is to take care of both crews."

A scene image shows the helicopters near skiers.
According to KUTV, the resort closed Mineral Basin for skiing and closed several of its chairlifts.


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