Typing mistakes in the flight ticket can be expensive

Caludia instead of Claudia, Peter Philipp instead of Philipp Peter: If you book online, you can sometimes make a typo in your own name.

Typing mistakes in the flight ticket can be expensive

Caludia instead of Claudia, Peter Philipp instead of Philipp Peter: If you book online, you can sometimes make a typo in your own name. And that gets expensive depending on the airline, as a comparison of the relevant rules for subsequent "name changes" shows:

With Air France, the name correction in case of spelling mistakes is free of charge. A name change is possible up to 30 hours before departure. If a flight is operated by an Air France partner airline, it is at least 72 hours before departure. The name cannot be substituted for another person's name. Then the old ticket must be canceled and a new one booked.

British Airways corrects letter errors in the name unbureaucratically and free of charge - but only if the booking was made through British Airways and if all flights on the ticket are actually operated by British Airways. Otherwise, the airline admits, things can get complicated. If taxes, fees or kerosene surcharges have become more expensive in the meantime, then the difference must be paid in any case.

Condor charges name changes according to the booked tariff. In "Light" there are ten euros per person and route. They are available free of charge in the "Classic" tariff and in "Flex". It is not possible to enter a replacement person in the Light tariff. In the Classic/Best tariff, it costs between 50 and 70 euros plus the airfare difference. In the Flex fare, only the fare difference applies. All changes must be made at least 24 hours before departure.

At Easyjet, three letters can be corrected online. The customer center takes care of larger construction sites – free of charge. Passing a ticket on to another traveler costs £49 flat rate, or £55 via the Customer Services Team.

Emirates allows name changes up to two hours before departure for a fee of US$30. The passenger may have to prove that the ticket is not being transferred to another person - Emirates does not allow this. If only spaces between several first names have been omitted, no name change is necessary.

Etihad corrects up to three letters free of charge and charges a flat rate of $100 in a number of other cases, such as when the last name was mistakenly recorded as the middle name. Correction is only possible through the Etihad Contact Center, not online.

Eurowings allows a subsequent name change at a flat rate of 70 euros. It is also expressly permitted to transfer the ticket to another person. Additional ticket fees may apply, subject to availability.

Eurowings Discover charges 25 euros per name change. This applies to transposed letters and spelling mistakes as well as to changing a complete name, for example because the first and last name were swapped.

Iberia allows name corrections in the first 24 hours after booking free of charge. After that, only a maximum of three letters are possible and 125 US dollars are due for this.

KLM corrects spelling mistakes free of charge. Passengers can contact KLM for this up to 30 hours before departure. If one of the flights is operated by another partner airline, a notice of at least 72 hours before departure must be observed.

Lufthansa will change spelling mistakes of up to two letters or mix up first and last names for a fee of 25 euros. In the event of major deviations, flights must be canceled and rebooked.

Qatar Airways corrects only by telephone and in two cases: if a maximum of three consecutive characters in the ticket are to be changed or if the name has been changed by law, i.e. in the event of marriage or divorce. The change must be documented with an official document in English.

With Ryanair, misspellings of up to three characters per name can be corrected free of charge up to 48 hours before scheduled departure in the online My Booking section. Anyone who has booked their flight directly on the Ryanair.com website can correct minor errors (e.g. incorrect spelling of names) for 48 hours free of charge, after which a whopping 115 euros are due - at least.

Tuifly promises a name change on charter flights for ten euros. Added to this are “possibly additional costs incurred compared to the service provider”. This regulation applies immediately after booking. Only the contact forms and telephone numbers given on the website are to be used for the request.

By the way: In addition to typos, it can also be uncomfortable if first and last names are mixed up in the input field or middle names are left out. The name on the flight ticket must match that on the ID. Otherwise there could be trouble at the airport.

After the ground staff strike, Lufthansa is back to normal operations. But the next strike is already looming, this time by the pilots' union. What to do if the flight is cancelled? "If no replacement flight is provided, you can remedy the situation yourself," says Kay Rodegra, a lawyer specializing in travel law.

Source: WORLD