Uber driver kills pregnant woman in Atlanta, forcing her to have an early delivery

The incident occurred in College Park, Georgia. Both the mother and baby are stable.

Uber driver kills pregnant woman in Atlanta, forcing her to have an early delivery

Authorities said Tuesday that an Uber driver shot and killed a pregnant passengernear Atlanta, causing her premature birth.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at around 10:30 p.m. ET on Saturday in College Park's 2900 block of Camp Creek Parkway, just 11 miles southwest from downtown Atlanta.

Police said that the woman, who was seven months pregnant, had been shot in the stomach as well as her leg three times.

Officials said she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where she gave birth. Both were in stable condition.

Two College Park police spokeswomen told NBC News that it wasn't clear if he had been captured by Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect was not listed in his Uber profile. This led to the argument and gunfire. Kenneth Anderson, the father of the victim, told NBC affiliate WXIA.

"I asked him why they didn't show the car on the app. Anderson shared the story of his 36-year old daughter, Anderson.

After the victim had left their apartment, Anderson shot them. Anderson and police are not identifying the victim publicly.

Anderson recalled the panic that followed his arrival at the side of his daughter who was wounded. "I was running wild. I probably dialed 911 approximately 10 times."

Uber stated that it is cooperating with police, and that it prohibits riders and drivers from carrying weapons.

An Uber spokeswoman stated that the driver's account has been deactivated since December, after he had passed a background check.

Uber released a statement saying that the details of the violence against the rider and her baby are horrendous. We stand ready to help law enforcement in their investigation.

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