UK. Flight canceled for Rwandan migrants after last-minute appeals

It was a last-minute twist.

UK. Flight canceled for Rwandan migrants after last-minute appeals

It was a last-minute twist. It was a humiliating setback to the British government. After appeals, the flight that was supposed to transport migrants from Britain to Rwanda on Tuesday night was cancelled.

"Last flight cancelled. Care4Calais, a refugee support charity, tweeted that NOBODY IS GOING to RWANDA. Meanwhile, sources within government confirmed to British news agency PA the cancellation of the plane's planned flight due to recent interventions. Minute of the European Court of Human Rights.

The British government wants to send illegally arrived asylum seekers to East Africa. This is more than 6,000km from London. It claims this will reduce illegal crossings of Channel. Despite repeated promises to curb immigration, they continue to rise. The British justice validated this controversial project, which was very popular among the conservative electorate. After legal action and an emergency decision by the European Court of Human Rights the plane chartered for hundreds of thousand of euros remained on the ground. Initially, authorities had intended to deport 130 migrants (Iranians and Iraqis or Syrians) during this first flight. However, that number has since been reduced to a trickle after several appeals. The ECHR stopped Tuesday night's expulsion of an Iraqi asylum-seeker by adopting a temporary emergency measure. Associations defending the rights and dignity of migrants, who find the government's plan cruel or immoral, have access to relief.

Strasbourg-based ECHR ruled deportation of the Iraqi should wait until a British court had reviewed the bill's legality. This is expected to happen in July. This is to ensure that Rwandan migrants have fair procedures and that Rwanda is safe.

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