Ukraine: War. Live: "Our resilience is almost a miracle," Zelensky says.

7:17 a.

Ukraine: War. Live: "Our resilience is almost a miracle," Zelensky says.

7:17 a.m . Biden claims Zelensky didn't want to hear his warnings about a Russian invasion

Joe Biden said Friday that Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, did not want to hear American warnings about Russia's invasion of his country. During a Los Angeles reception, the American president stated that "a lot of people believed I was exaggerating" when he spoke about a Russian attack against Ukraine before it began. The event was intended to raise funds and support the Democratic Party.

"But I knew that we had the information. Russian President Vladimir Putin was planning to cross the border. "There was no doubt, and Zelensky didn't want to hear it," Zelensky said in front of reporters.

Before the Russian president declared a "special attack" on Ukraine, the United States had warned about the possibility of an invasion. These warnings were met with disbelief by some European allies who considered the United States to be too alarmist.

6:50 AM: 37,000 Ukrainian women are in the Ukrainian Army, according to First Lady Olena Zilenska

According to Olena Zelenska, the Ukrainian First Lady, 37,000 Ukrainian women currently serve in the army. 1,000 of them have been promoted to commanders.

She added that "most of our doctors are women" and "50% of our contractors work for the economic war effort."

6:48 AM: France denounces three foreign fighters killed in the Donbass at the request of the French

France denounced the death sentence handed down by the justice of Donetsk to three foreign fighters.

The official stated that France was extremely concerned about reports that two British nationals and one Moroccan national were sentenced to death after a sham court trial. In a press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6:46: Zelensky: "Our resilience, a mystery and almost miraculous to many,"

The unannounced visit of Ben Wallace, British Defense Minister, to Kyiv lasted two days. President Zelensky thanked him personally for his leadership in Western support of Ukraine.

"Words become actions. This is what sets the differences between relations between Ukraine, Great Britain, and those between Ukraine, other countries," Zelensky said upon receiving him in apparent pique at other European countries which he didn't name.

The Ukrainian President said Friday evening: "For 107 consecutive days, Ukraine and its people have heroically resisted Russian aggression." Many find our resilience amazing and almost miraculous. We have passed a survival test.

6:45 AM: Good morning everyone! This live will cover the conflict in Ukraine on the 108th anniversary of the Russian invasion.

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