Unbelievably cold air to invade the US beginning tonight

An extremely busy weather routine is in full swing with different storms chugging across the nation within another week.

Unbelievably cold air to invade the US beginning tonight

The energy starts from the West then travels across the Plains to the Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and the Northeast.

And though right now none of those systems seem to be blockbuster storms, even collectively they'll bring measurable snow and hazardous traveling conditions for the upcoming few days.

Back in Iowa, wintry conditions resulted in a huge pile-up Thursday on Interstate 80, requiring about 40 automobiles.

The Iowa State Patrol reported a couple of accidents to passengers and drivers stemming from this crash, which range from minor to severe.

The U.S. might need to watch a place of low pressure this weekend across the shore Sunday morning which could bring increased snow totals from the Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast to Monday. Stay tuned to your regional predictions for more information this weekend.

Meanwhile, the incredibly cold atmosphere will invade the U.S. starting tonight.

Temperatures this chilly could result in frostbite in only minutes. Stay safe and keep warm!

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