United flight engine catches fire following Denver takeoff, returns to airport

The airplane landed safely in Denver International Airport

United flight engine catches fire following Denver takeoff, returns to airport

Frightening video captured from in the airplane showed the engine on fire.

"When it originally occurred, I thought we were finished.

Much of the debris landed at Commons Park and at the Northmoor and Red Leaf areas of Broomfield, that is roughly 20 kilometers north of downtown Denver.

Miraculously, no injuries were reported to board the aircraft on the floor.

The engine caused the airplane to drop altitude, using a trail of smoke visiible to individuals on the floor, the AP reported.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident, and it has requested Coloradans to not touch debris should they find bits of their airplane in their own neighborhoods.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg told MSNBC that he'll utilize the NTSB to investigate the motor failure to"comprehend any lessons learned in a means that will maximize the feeling of safety each time we get to a plane."

"America's reputation for exceptional air security isn't something which just occurred," Buttigieg informed MSNBC. "It occurred due to close regulation of knowing whenever an incident occurs, why it occurs and ensuring we have the greatest standards in this nation."

Denver's KUSA-TV obtained a movie that reveals passengers cheering since the plane safely lands at Denver International Airport.

Colorado resident Clare Armstrong told Fox News she had been in the Broomfield Commons Dog Park when she heard a loud flourish at the skies and watched debris begin falling in the region.

She and many others from the dog park managed to safely access to shelter.

Broomfield authorities stated they're"beyond thankful" that nobody was hurt, given the number of men and women are typically in the playground on a weekend afternoon.

It was now unsure what triggered engine No. 2 on the aircraft into malfunction. A movie shot in the floor shows a massive plume of smoke emitted in the airplane.

Jon Ostrower, editor-in-chief of Air Currents, clarified on Twitter which"whatever befell this motor had enormous energy involved given that the near-total disintegration of the nacelle."

United Airlines said all crew and passengers were hauled back into the terminal at Denver and are offered a brand new trip to Honolulu at the coming hours.

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