United States Gunman is arrested in the vicinity of the conservative Supreme Court justice

He had "made threats.

United States Gunman is arrested in the vicinity of the conservative Supreme Court justice

He had "made threats." The high court announced that an armed man was taken into custody overnight, Tuesday through Wednesday near Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home.

According to Patricia McCabe's statement, the man was taken into custody at 1:50 AM (or 7:50 AM French time) in Chevy Chase, a wealthy suburb of northern Washington. additional. He was in his twenties and told the police he wanted the death of the conservative magistrate. The Washington Post relies on anonymous sources to confirm this. According to the newspaper the security forces were informed about the danger and arrested him before reaching the house of the judge.

Since the leaked draft of a judgment in May suggesting it was ready to discredit the right to abort, the Supreme Court has been caught up in a political storm. According to the Washington Post, also the man who was arrested was angry about the project and the recent fatal shootings at the school in Texas, as well as in Buffalo's supermarket (New York), frequented by African Americans.

Two highly anticipated Supreme Court decisions must be made by June 30, on abortion and carrying firearms. It was deeply reworked by Donald Trump, a former Republican president, who brought in three of nine magistrates, including Judge Kavanaugh. It could send the United States back to 50 years ago, when every state had the right to allow or ban abortions on their soil. It could affirm Americans' right to keep a firearm in their homes, and make it more difficult for states to restrict their movement in public places.

After a heated debate over sexual assault charges dating back to his youth, Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018. He epitomizes American progressives' view of the court's rightward shift.

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