UNITED STATES. Onslaught at the Capitol: "American democracy emerges stronger from this affair."

These words are powerful: The assault on Capitol was the "culminationof an attempted coup".

UNITED STATES. Onslaught at the Capitol: "American democracy emerges stronger from this affair."

These words are powerful: The assault on Capitol was the "culminationof an attempted coup". A year and a quarter after January 6, 2021, a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry evoked a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump in power.

The hearings were broadcast live by many American television stations. They are fascinating and shed light on the facts of the dramatic day punctuated with several deaths and during which American democracy was at risk.

Jean-Eric Branaa, a lecturer at the University of Paris Pantheon-Assas and researcher in international relations is a specialist on the American constitution. He is available to answer your questions.

What are the stakes in these parliamentary hearings

Up until Thursday evening, it was primarily an educational challenge. To show that democracy had been attacked and the rise of far-right extremists. We have since discovered that Donad Trump was involved. He was found to have twice violated the constitution. This states that no one can hold power against the will or people, and no one can cause a riot in America. He is the centre of a conspiracy, and it is his responsibility.


Although it was only appetizers, it was a very difficult experience. We thought Thursday would be a introductory presentation of facts. But, we quickly got to the core of the matter. This means that we are likely to witness more serious events. We know that Brad Raffensperger (Georgia Secretary of State), who Trump asked to "find 11,000 votes", will testify. We're heading straight to a criminal case against Trump with a request for prosecution in front of a grand jury.

Is Donald Trump available for interview by the commission?

It won't arrive. It was clear to the commission that this would make him a martyr and that there would be another uprising. His role is to give evidence and seize the Ministry of Justice which is the only one that can prosecute him.

What does Donald Trump do?

He takes it seriously. On Thursday, he left Mar-a-Lago to go to New Jersey to be near the auditions. He multiplies the statements as a way to show that all the witnesses are lying and that the evidence has been manipulated. However, he also includes his daughter and son in-law as witnesses.

He is accused of conspiring and denounces conspiracy.

Yes, he does. The staff of the Republican Party is there to help him, and they don't let go. We still feel panic aboard: The party doesn't really know how to counter these revelations... Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka (editor's note), said that she had refuted this idea from the beginning. Trump's campaign staff informed him that election fraud was a fact. He believed that there was a small group of conspirators around him, including some who claim they were afraid Trump would go bankrupt and then succeed in his coup.

What impact will this have on Donald Trump's political future?

Trump never said, "I'll go there," but he did say that "we can win" 2024. I do not believe in Trump's return. I believe it's over for them. As long as he is supported by voters, the party can't let him go. We are not in Trump madness, but he still has a strong base. We're about to spend a whole month discussing a coup attempt. Even if Republicans keep talking about witch hunts it will still have an impact on central policy. There are many states that can switch to Democratic side like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These include Arizona, Florida Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Arizona. Trump and the Republicans would not be able to pass any more legislation.

Hence, why isn't everyone having a good time?

The candidates ran the risk of being doomed very quickly if Trump was let go. This is similar to Liz Cheney, who is currently on the inquiry committee but lost the Wyoming primary. Although it will rebound in a different way, other elected officials cannot afford to take such a risk. You can't help but feel it in certain states, such as those with conservative evangelical counties. That's just the tail of the comet. Trump cannot bounce back from this position. It does not have the same dynamic as 2015-2016. He created an illusion of it by making lots of noise. Today, we see that Trump's silence is the dominant feature. Even the meetings are not attended by more than 3,000 people as opposed to 30,000 just a year ago.

Bennie Thompson, elected to the commission, believes that the plot to defeat the willful will of the people is not over "...

He is a political man! I don't agree with his views. It's over. There is no more conspiracy. Trump is a master of the big lie, or the "big lie", as he believes he has more to offer than the "big lie". Although the Republicans won't give it up for some constituents, they aren't in secret organizations with hoods that can overthrow power or the constitution. My belief is that American democracy will emerge stronger because it has shown its resilience. Republicans held all power, including both houses of Congress, the presidency, governors and the Supreme Court. It didn't quit. The United States is not capable of allowing a potential dictator to rule. Trump's attacks on the American constitution have been repelled once more. It is simple, but it allows for an intelligent separation of powers, checks, and balances. It has a balanced distribution of power and locks at all levels. Even though he may be a powerful man, the American Constitution doesn't give him much power.

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