Upstate NY issued severe thunderstorm watch

For most of Upstate New York, a severe thunderstorm watch was issued through this evening.

Upstate NY issued severe thunderstorm watch

According to the National Weather Service , "A line of severe to strong thunderstorms will form along and ahead of the cold front throughout the afternoon and early hours.". The main threats are from severe wind gusts, heavy rain and frequent cloud-to ground lightning.

Localized flooding could be caused by intense rain at rates up to 1 inch per hour.

Watches indicate that severe storms are likely to occur. These can reach speeds of up to 58 mph and cause damage to structures and trees.

Storms will move east to west, with the highest chance of severe storms in the Capital Region's late afternoon. Today's storms will likely be stronger and more extensive than those of Tuesday. They could begin as early as noon in Western New York, and move east and northeast until they diminish in the eastern half.

The Storm Prediction Center stated that Upstate has a 15% chance for severe storms today. However, the Capital Region has a 30% chance, according to the Storm Prediction Center. The North Country and the counties that border Lake Ontario are not included in the thunderstorm watch. These areas are more susceptible to storms, but they are less likely to experience severe weather.

These storms will bring down temperatures significantly, as well as the cold front that generated them. Although temperatures have been stubbornly high in the 90s throughout most of Upstate since Saturday, they will likely stay in the 70s for the rest of the weekend. Temperatures in high 80s are expected back by next week.

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