Donald Trump and Joe Biden, campaigning on Saturday March 9 in the key state of Georgia, clashed on the question of the age of the American president and on immigration, two recurring subjects of their battle before the presidential election in November.

Joe Biden, in the momentum of a particularly pugnacious speech to Congress on Thursday, went to Atlanta to mobilize the African-American and Hispanic electorate. He once again attacked his Republican predecessor head-on, saying he took him seriously when he said he could be “dictator for a day. » The Democratic president also praised the good economic health of his country and promised to act on household spending constraints (housing, health, higher education).

In an interview with the MSNBC channel, broadcast on Saturday, he also regretted having described as “illegal” a Venezuelan immigrant accused of having killed a student who was jogging in February. “I shouldn’t have talked about an illegal immigrant, he’s an undocumented person,” apologized Joe Biden, who was criticized by progressives and associations for his choice of word.

The battle of age

Donald Trump, who peppers his campaign speeches with virulent attacks against migrants crossing the border with Mexico, responded to the death of this student. “Laken Riley would be alive today if Joe Biden had not willfully and deviously carved up the borders,” the former president said. He criticized his rival for apologizing to the alleged killer, adding: “Biden should apologize for apologizing to this killer.”

Donald Trump also began imitating a stuttering Joe Biden, a way of mocking, as he regularly does, the mental and physical shape of his competitor. Joe Biden’s campaign launched a television ad Saturday in which the president clearly addresses his age, a major concern among voters. “I’m not very young, that’s no secret. But there you go, I know how to get results for Americans,” declared the 81-year-old Democrat. Donald Trump’s team immediately responded with a video message that begins with this sentence from Joe Biden, and continues with images of the American president falling.

Surrounded by legal proceedings, the 77-year-old tycoon is, among other things, charged with trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia in his favor. Joe Biden was ahead of him by less than 12,000 votes. In 2020, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, more or less easily, in the majority of “swing states”, the decisive states. Georgia, but also Michigan and Wisconsin, where he will go next week, are among them. And so far, polls give Donald Trump the advantage in almost all of these “swing states.”