Uwe Seeler: The football legend is dead

Uwe Seeler (1936-2022) is dead.

Uwe Seeler: The football legend is dead

Uwe Seeler (1936-2022) is dead. The legendary soccer player died at the age of 85, reports the "Bild" newspaper. The former athlete fell asleep peacefully in his home surrounded by his family. Corresponding information about Seeler should also be available in NDR 90.3. In addition, the "Sportschau" reports on the death of the football legend.

The health problems of the honorary captain of the German national team have been increasing for several years. Most recently, Seeler had fallen several times. He "stumbled and suddenly fell on his nose," he confirmed to "Bild" in early June. According to the daily newspaper, the HSV icon had already had to have an operation on his hip in 2020 after a fall. Since a car accident in 2010, Seeler has suffered from chronic back pain, among other things. He also had to have a malignant tumor removed from his back at the age of 80.

Probably no one stood for Hamburger SV as much as Seeler. He played for the club for around 19 years and was German champion with HSV in 1960 and cup winner in 1963. Uwe Seeler, who captained the German national football team to the legendary World Cup final at Wembley in 1966, was also named Footballer of the Year three times. For the DFB-Elf he scored 43 times in 72 international matches.

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