Valence. For a year, works on rue des Alpes are postponed

"Rue des Alpes will close to traffic from Friday, July 8, 2022 to Friday, July 15, 2022.

Valence. For a year, works on rue des Alpes are postponed

Here's the municipal decree that caused street merchants to leap when they learned of it... on Thursday, July 7. Particularly, the president of the rue des Alpes traders association protested via social media about the lack or prior information and consultation of traders.

The City of Valence issued a press release on Friday, July 8 stating that work on rue des Alpes was being delayed to summer 2023. The City of Valence decided to delay the planned works due to the "excessive proximity of two operations significantly affecting the road network within a restricted area", according to the town hall.

To take into consideration their limitations, schedule a "consultation and information meeting" with traders before you commit to doing so.

The City adds that residents of rue des Alpes will be informed about the nature and schedule of work starting in April 2023.

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