Video Reveals teen girl Pushing huge bear over Fencing to Rescue her dogs

A quick-thinking adolescent has been hailed as her puppies' closest friend, once she pushed a sizable bear over a backyard fencing to keep it from her pets.

Video Reveals teen girl Pushing huge bear over Fencing to Rescue her dogs

The episode was recorded on surveillance footage out a house in Bradbury, Calif., on Monday, and posted on social networking, where it's been watched over 40 million times thus far.

The movie shows a massive bear loping across the top of a brick fence out a house, with just two bear cubs walking together beneath it. A big black dog and 2 bigger dogs come running to the framework to face the mature bear, and the bear requires a swipe in the massive dog with its paw.

The bear cubs scamper off while the adult stays beneath the weapon, ready to resist the dogs.

The woman protects the bear and provides it a two-handed push, projecting it off the fence and away in your home. She then scoops up among those tiny puppies and flees with others back in the home.

The bear doesn't seem to fall much, as its head is visible on the opposite side of this fence following the push.

"My cousin Hailey yeeted (pushed ) off a bear her fencing now and rescued her puppies," TiKTok consumer @BakedLikePie composed in a caption on her movie .

She later clarified that the puppies were"somewhat scratched" but OK, which Hailey was also nice.

Hailey's mum, Citlally Morinico, described the episode as"one of the wildest moments in existence" at a Facebook post.

"Superhuman power to rescue her puppies," she wrote in an Instagram caption using the movie. "My kid didn't think, she simply ran to rescue them." Hailey afterwards posted her own accounts of this episode on TikTok. She clarified that she discovered her smallest household dogs barking, and presumed they had been barking at the other dog. She went to explore and seen the bear.

"I move on to the bear, I look it at the eyes, and the very first thing that I believe to do is push . Push an apex predator, guy."

Hailey says she did not push the bear that difficult, but it had been difficult enough to knock the animal off balance. She states she scooped her up and conducted, scratching her knee and spraining her hands in the procedure.

The family told KTLA it was not the first time they have seen bears roaming the region around their property.

It wasn't immediately clear what species of bear has been involved in the episode, but societal media users were amazed yet.

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