Vip, Vip Hooray!: Heidi Klum: Is this the end of "GNTM"?

The process between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ends, "Bibi" and "Julienco" have split up and there are serious allegations against Heidi Klum.

Vip, Vip Hooray!: Heidi Klum: Is this the end of "GNTM"?

The process between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ends, "Bibi" and "Julienco" have split up and there are serious allegations against Heidi Klum. Has there been structural abuse of young women in the model show for years?

4, 22, 28, 32, 47: These are the numbers that you would have to type in order to crack the last Eurojackpot, which was filled with 110 million like never before. You could drop everything and, like Laura Müller, stretch out on a little boat and relax and watch what was going on with the stars during the week. But we know: Money alone doesn't bring happiness and this column can also be read from the sofa - and a warm welcome to a new issue of: Vip, Vip Hooray!

Sometimes there are so many events in the stars that you can hardly keep up, then again it's dead and nothing happens - at least it feels like - nothing at all. The fact that the spectacular process between the former Hollywood dream couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ends this Friday should be the long-awaited conclusion for many onlookers after six long weeks, in which every little detail of the process was followed like a binge watcher .

There was hardly any time to see what was going on with the other celebrities. "Bibi" Claßen and her childhood sweetheart "Julienco" have separated after 13 years together, Boris Becker has been transferred to another prison and Iris Klein has stress in the family. It seems as if real dramas are taking place in the Klein household. Was Iris actually insulted by her own daughter-in-law as a "brothel"?

Daniela Katzenberger's mother is said to be 180 because her son's wife made fun of the name of her daughter's unborn child, the jungle queen Jenny Frankhauser. Can you still come with me? And do you really want to know all that?

A life story that reverberates for a long time shows that the boulevard does not always have to be literally like Sodom and Gomorrah. Olivia Pascal has given a very rare interview on the occasion of her 65th birthday. The younger generation may not be familiar with the actress, but many TV viewers know her from her role as nanny Carola from the "Black Forest Clinic" or as detective inspector Lizzy Berger from the series "SOKO 5113". For example, Pascal responded to a question about her age: "Age doesn't really matter to me at all. It's the outside world that makes it so important - that annoys me. We women in particular are under observation when it comes to the process of aging, especially in times of social media."

The actress talks about the love of life, loneliness and why you can't find her on Instagram: "People lack personal connection and trust. I think there has never been so much loneliness as in these current times. That's for me blame social media too." And basically it doesn't matter whether you know the 65-year-old or not, with all the triviality that prevails in the glamor world, you often wish for more of this kind of depth.

In "Germany's Next Top Model" you will look for this in vain. This inhuman, manipulative show has been flickering across the screen for many years now. As early as 2009, published a critical look at the format in which young, often underage, girls are sexualized against their will and burned for the quota. And young women are still being exposed in front of an audience of millions and have to listen to jokes about their faces and bodies that are sometimes so degrading that those affected burst into tears in front of the camera.

But the criticism of the show and what's going on behind the scenes is getting louder. This week, the models Lijana Kaggwa and Nathalie Volk made serious allegations against the talent show. The YouTuber Rezo also deals extensively in one of his often highly acclaimed videos with Heidi's show, which is basically nothing more than years of "structural abuse" on young women.

There is talk of massive manipulation, psychological violence and lies. More and more former candidates are unpacking. For example, Nathalie Volk says that after falling into a pool, she was only able to seek medical help days later - although she was already suffering from pain shortly after the accident. "I have scars on my body because of Heidi. Maybe the production should suggest a psychologist for me?"

The station itself describes the allegations of the 25-year-old as "unfounded". It was just a "pool splash". Lijana Kaggwa, on the other hand, addresses the bullying by TV viewers from which she has suffered to this day. Scenes would be exaggerated and deliberately exaggerated, quarrels between the participants artificially brought about or even provoked. Because: Zoff is good for the quota.

We received very sad news at the end of the week: Hollywood star Ray Liotta died in his sleep on the night of May 26, 2022 at the age of 67. Liotta, who became known to an audience of millions in 1990 with Martin Scorsese's mafia film "GoodFellas", was filming in the Dominican Republic at the time of his death. He himself once said that he had never seen some of his films because he didn't always like everything he was involved in. But the character actor has always tried to switch back and forth between large and small productions to keep the right balance. One of the most beautiful mottos, what should matter in life.

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